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Press Release | 01 Sep 2016

2016 Australian GT Endurance Championship - Round 2

Round two of the Australian GT Endurance Championship took place at Sydney Motorsport Park on Saturday 27 August. The 101 lap race was broadcast live on Foxtel and ran entirely und...
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Press Release | 25 Aug 2016

Cumulo9 welcomes William Jeffrey to the Board of Directors

We are excited to have secured William Jeffrey as a Director of Cumulo9 effective August 1st 2016. William comes to us with an extensive background in Governance through Finance an...
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Articles | 21 Aug 2016

The New Zealand Government’s Digital Revolution

Over the past decade we have witnessed numerous positive advances in the breaking down of bureaucracy and the simplification of processes within our Government. For individuals, fa...
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Articles | 26 Jun 2016

Financial advisers utilise their most trusted communication channel “employee email”

Financial advisers utilise their most trusted communication channel “employee email” to leverage brand, improve cross sell opportunity and increase sales conversion.

Every day I a...
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Articles | 06 May 2016

Fifo Capital grows with consistently branded and customised communications

While enjoying significant growth in both the New Zealand and Australian markets, Fifo Capital were challenged with maintaining consistently branded communications being delivered ...
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Articles | 19 Apr 2016

How is your email deliverability measured?

Over the past six months or so, my inbox has had a constant stream of communication from various email providers with combinations of tutorials, recommendations and advice on how t...
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Press Release | 06 Apr 2016

Cumulo9’s new website launched

Cumulo9 launches their new websiteWe’ve had a fair bit going on in quite a short time this year at Cumulo9 HQ including:

The Livelink Connect acquisition
New people joining the Cu...
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Articles | 03 Mar 2016

Transactional Email Volumes continue to grow

In February 2016 New Zealand Post announced its first half earnings. Among the information released was a statement that letter volumes had fallen by 60 million units in the last 1...
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Press Release | 26 Jan 2016

Cumulo9 acquires LiveLink Connect to enhance and expand market synergies

Today we announced the acquisition of LiveLink Connect, a move which formalises the close partnership between the two companies that began more than 5 years ago.

Customers of both...
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Press Release | 20 Dec 2015

Cumulo9 sponsored Ferrari hosts the TVNZ Breakfast crew at Hampton Downs

We thought we’d share one last bit of motor racing coverage to help ease you into Christmas. Just in case you missed the footage on TVNZ Breakfast last week – here is a link to the...
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| 14 Dec 2015

Data Sovereignty and Email

Data Sovereignty and EmailWith Wiki Leaks and Snowden’s exposes, there has been a lot of press around data sovereignty and how important it is to us if our personal information can...
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Articles | 08 Dec 2015

Improve your cashflow over the festive season

Improve Your Days Sales Outstanding – get prepared for the holiday period!

Back in March we posted a blog that discussed the importance of improving your Days Sales Outstanding (D...
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Articles | 30 Oct 2015

Think your emails always get delivered? Think again!

These days, email is a key customer communication channel for most businesses. Many companies spend a lot of time and resource developing emails to deliver important communications...
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Articles | 22 Oct 2015

How did BOC save nearly $100K on postage and improve their Daily Sales Outstanding record with Mailpost?

When BOC were looking to improve efficiencies in their business one of the easiest ways to do this was by improving the way invoices are sent out to customers. The answer for BOC w...
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Articles | 01 Sep 2015

Sustainable email Post Reduces a Paper Mountain

Around the world Postal authorities are having to defend the reduction in physical mail and how that impacts on an often unionised group of employees.

What hasn’t had as much pres...
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Press Release | 18 Aug 2015

Cumulo9 partner – “TFM’s” Ferrari Racing in Sydney this weekend, 21-23 August.

This week Cumulo9’s partner “Trass Family Motorsport” head to Sydney to begin the second half of the Australian GT season. TFM drivers Graeme Smyth and Jono Lester will race at the...
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Articles | 04 Aug 2015

The top five legislation changes Financial Advisers need to know

Last month (13 July 2016) the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister – Paul Goldsmith, announced changes to the Financial Advisers Act.  At Cumulo9 we specialise in email communica...
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Articles | 30 Jul 2015

When was the last time you used a cheque?

It probably comes as no surprise that cheque use has been on a steady decline over the past ten years or so. In fact, since 2004, the number of cheques issued in New Zealand has dr...
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Press Release | 17 Jul 2015

Lap and pole position records for TFM and Lester in Townsville

Trass Family Motorsport, New Zealand’s Ferrari racing team, was propelled into the Australian GT record books at Townsville last weekend with lead driver Jono Lester scoring his th...
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Articles | 02 Jul 2015

Is your Email Responsive?

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, more and more email is being viewed “on-the-run”. Depending on whose statistics you rely on, at least 50% of all email is now opened on...
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Press Release | 08 Jun 2015

iStash Document Repository – More than just an archive

Cumulo9’s iStash Document Repository is an enterprise document archive that offers more than most applications in this field.

The business sector in which iStash operates is the p...
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