Cumulo9 - Proudly ISO 27001 Certified

What is ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides requirements for managing information security. ISO 27001 certification is a written assurance from an independent third-party body that an organisation’s Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) meets the standard requirements. This means that our services and products meet specific and stringent requirements laid out by the ISO group.

Our ISO 27001 Journey

Protecting the data we process is our number one priority. In December 2021, the British Standards Institute (BSI) formally certified us as ISO 27001 compliant. Our journey to become ISO 27001 compliant was a lengthy and, at times, complex process. We decided to undertake the certification process to demonstrate and further refine our already robust information security practices. We have always taken security seriously and are continuously innovating our systems to ensure your data remains totally secure.

C9 ISO lock up

The journey ahead and why ISO matters

What is required for ongoing certification/compliance

To uphold ISO 27001 compliance and maintain ongoing certification, we take a proactive approach. This involves consistently assessing and managing security risks, updating policies and procedures, training our team, conducting internal audits, and undergoing management reviews. By engaging third-party suppliers with security requirements, proper documentation, and regular external audits, our ISMS remains effective and compliant with the required ISO 27001 standards.

What this means for Cumulo9 clients

As a Cumulo9 client, you can gain assurance that the security of your information under our custodianship is actively managed following the requirements of ISO 27001. We believe that building a business that meets the needs of ISO 27001 can help improve your organisation’s business processes. Managing people’s email data with care is crucial for NZ privacy laws in our field of work.

Contact us today to learn more about our journey to ISO 27001 certification and how Cumulo9 can transform your digital communications.


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