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C9 Campaign

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At Cumulo9 we transform your digital communications by offering focused solutions.

Our Story – The Cumulo9 Journey

Originally known as “Calcium Software”, Cumulo9 was founded back in 2001 and right from the start our focus has always been to help our clients transform their digital communications. We know that while electronic communications are commonplace, businesses continue to spend thousands of dollars a year on methods that just aren’t effective in reaching their audiences, we knew this had to change! At Cumulo9 we are passionate about digital solutions which is why we proudly offer omnichannel world-class business solutions for organisations.

How we can help you

At Cumulo9 we replace your paper-based processes and outdated email systems with a reliable delivery system for effective ongoing management of your digital communications!

Our aim is to assist your business needs through our suite of on-premise and Cloud offerings – helping your essential business communications stay relevant, clear and secure. With our proven technology, we transform customer communications management for you. This is shown across all our products and services from our unique high deliverability guarantee of 99.5% for essential email to our innovative product suite. With our full range of products, you can consistently and securely communicate with your clients through seamlessly branded emails all whilst remaining compliant!

Check out our video to learn about what we do and why we are so passionate about digital solutions here at Cumulo9. 

Meet the team

Our team are experts in digital solutions, not to mention we are local and ready to provide you with full support!

Chris Hogg CEO
David Allen General Manager
Leo Van Delden Development Manager
Annie Liu Accounts
Lucas Kim CISO and QA Analyst
Alan Page Customer Manager
Inilon Dulfo CCM Support Manager
Tim Rosenbrook Marketing Manager
Sarina Samuel Marketing Communication Manager
John Quirk Chairman
Andrew Duff Director
Greg Casagrande Director
William Jeffrey Director