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World Class Deliverability
Just hitting send does not mean your customers are receiving your emails. Cumulo9’s world-class audited 99.5% deliverability ensures statements, invoices, payslips, contracts, and updates securely reach your customers, so they can take action promptly.
DIA Marketplace - Approved Supplier

Cumulo9 is an approved supplier on the DIA Marketplace, allowing us to offer our services and products directly to registered government agencies. This status streamlines the procurement process making it easier for government clients to engage with Cumulo9. 

DIA marketplace approved supplier

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

More than just ticking the box, not only are we rightly proud of our own ESG credentials, we are a certified BCorp organisation. Through effective digital communication transformation, we are also able to help other organisations meet and communicate their ESG obligations.



Protecting the data we process is our number one priority. Cumulo9 is ISO27001 certified and we're always advancing our systems to ensure your data remains totally secure.

Focused Solutions

Applying a full suite of digital solutions to help you deliver your essential communications, improve operational performance and support business transformation through our enhanced digital solutions. This includes our groundbreaking eInvoicing solutions endorsed by MBIE in New Zealand and the ATO in Australia.


Measured Deliverability of your Essential Emails

From paper to paperless: our platform delivers hundreds of millions of business emails with 99.5% measured deliverability. This not only provides our clients with a more reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution than traditional paper-based methods or traditional campaign email solutions. It also helps organisations meet and communicate their governance obligations.

By the numbers: every one million pages sent by email saves 2,900 trees. The average tree absorbs one tonne of CO2 in its lifetime, so one million pages is equal to 2,900 tonnes of CO2.


Our solutions

C9 Transact

A world-class solution to meet your archiving and electronic document delivery challenges while ensuring your compliance, audit, legislative, security, and risk obligations are met.

C9 eInvoicing

Designed to make exchanging invoices and doing business more efficient, Cumulo9's eInvoicing solution helps businesses reduce errors and delays.


OneID gives its users the ability to easily execute their everyday business transactions with a highly secure digital identity. The OneID platform ensures the safety and security of all data.

C9 Signature

More than just an email signature - risk, compliance, and auditability are taken care of with C9 Signature. All while helping with your email marketing efforts.

C9 Campaign

Your complete business email campaign solution.  C9 Campaign is an email system that is easy to use while containing all the tools you need to design, personalise and deliver better email campaigns.

Quadient, Inspire

Take control over the systems and processes you use to design and deliver traditional communications across all channels. Quadient Inspire represents best practice in customer communications.

C9 Citizen Vault

C9 Citizen Vault is a secure and user-friendly digital vault that enables efficient communication between public authorities, citizens and businesses

C9 Validate

The cost-effective solution to efficiently managing your customer data. Enjoy improved accuracy and comprehensive customer data records with
C9 Validate.

C9 Vault

More than just online storage. Cumulo9 has partnered with *Syncsort to bring you C9 Vault, a world class Online Document Archive and Retrieval



Cumulo9 works with primary partners and key suppliers – focusing on building strong relationships to help deliver customer value and expertise. Cumulo9 is also an active member of several membership and association groups, helping make a difference and supporting our customers and the wider business community.

Primary partners

A secure digital platform for dialogue, sending and storing important documents with a vision to create user-friendly, connected and safe digital communities that make everyday life easier and better for everyone.

Since its inception back in 2004, Quadient Inspire has been using leading edge technologies to create an edge for businesses.

Founded in the “you’re crazy to do an internet company” age of 2001, Vision6 was designed to help marketers and agency professionals communicate better with their customers.

The world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centres globally.

A trusted partner to a number of leading organisations across APAC, Valtatech are procure to pay experts with solutions that drive measurable value without disrupting your business.

Assisting businesses to drive greater value from their print and mail operations - adding power, flexibility and accuracy, end-to-end.

An innovative Australian software solutions company providing world- leading data quality software to organisations for more than two decades.

Helping organisations achieve data integrity by ensuring the accuracy, consistency and context of your data.

Digital Business People (DBP) is a technology outsourcing organisation that specialises in helping businesses’ digital transformation, focusing on omni-channel customer experience and engagement management.

Write Limited has been using the power of words for good since 1989 and has become the world’s largest plain language consultancy.

Key Suppliers
Memberships and Associations

What our clients say

Our foundation undertakes important email campaigns whereby simple, timely and effective communication with fundraisers is key. C9 Campaign by Cumulo9 has given us the sophistication, automation, flexibility and integration needed to achieve our goals, and consequently plays an integral role in making our campaigns a success.

Liam Willis - Executive Officer

Cumulo9 have provided great support, they helped me with banner designs to create stakeholder buy-in for our activities. The product has helped me to develop our own design for our email signatures and banners -saving time and improving the output

Larissa McMillan - Communications Coordinator, Cancer Society - Wellington Division

Cumulo9’s C9 Signature has certainly made a difference to our business. We had varied and inconsistently branded email communications around the place which was not ideal, and this issue has now disappeared. Working with Cumulo9 has ticked off a key priority for us which was brand consistency.

Nigel Thomson - Founder and Head Franchisor, Fifo Capital

We started using the newsletter functionality which Cumulo9 makes easy. It gives you that rich data on what clients are opening and the silent tracking eliminates any confusion regarding who has seen what. This can prevent litigation and potentially exorbitant legal fees.

James McGhie - MD, Apex Insurance

Since coming onboard at WNZ I have been working with the awesome team at Cumulo9 for the last 3 years. The team has been so accommodating in helping us set up our email signatures and also showing us what valuable information we can get from using the Cumulo9 business solutions.

Rick Butler - IT & Technology Lead, WellingtonNZ

Cumulo9’s C9 Campaign product provides us with a hassle-free peace of mind business solution. Our database has taken us over 24 years to build and I can confidently leverage it knowing that it will be secure and that our communications are going to go out when I want them to and to whom I want them to go.

Simon Lord - Publisher, Franchise New Zealand

I would definitely recommend Cumulo9’s C9 Transact product, the transition was really simple and customers were very accepting of it - it is just a far, far easier way of doing business

Sally Van Gaalen - Business Support Manager, Credit and Asset Management, BOC New Zealand


We support

Liam Lawson

Liam Lawson is a New Zealand motor racing driver, mentored by New Zealand Grand Prix winner Ken Smith. Born in Hastings and raised in Pukekohe, Lawson began karting at the age of seven, competing in numerous championships across New Zealand. In March 2019, Lawson joined MP Motorsport to contest the inaugural championship. The following year, Lawson switched to Hitech Grand Prix, joining fellow Red Bull Junior Dennis Hauger. Lawson recorded his first victory in the Austrian race. In 2021 Lawson competed in the DTM with Red Bull backing. He conducted this DTM campaign concurrently with a season driving in Formula 2. In 2022, Liam was a driver for Carlin in F2 and was the reserve F1 driver for both Alpha Tauri and Red Bull. 2023 saw Liam join the ranks of F1 drivers when he filled in for the injured Daniel Ricciardo, completing 5 F1 races and picking up 2 points for Scuderia AlphaTauri.

Gut Cancer Foundation

The Gut Cancer Foundation was founded in 2008 by Professor Michael Findlay, bowel cancer survivor Grant Baker, and pancreatic cancer survivor Paul Hargreaves. Along with raising funds for vital research, the Gut Cancer Foundation improves outcomes for Kiwis with digestive cancers through regular awareness campaigns that share symptoms and personal stories to encourage earlier detection, education on ways to reduce risk, and advocacy for Kiwis and whānau who are affected by gut cancers. The Gut Cancer Foundation is committed to delivering an everlasting impact and positive change for all New Zealanders affected by digestive cancers.


At Cumulo9, we proudly support MORGO, a community-driven initiative that brings together the brightest minds in New Zealand's tech and innovation sectors. MORGO's retreats and networking events are invaluable, providing a platform for founders and CEOs to share insights, overcome challenges, and drive their companies forward. By backing MORGO, Cumulo9 helps promote the growth of innovative businesses that are shaping the future of our economy.

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Your details will be kept confidential. We do not sell or rent your details to anyone.

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The e-Boks platform helps automate and streamline your digital communication with the highest level of security and compliance.

Cumulo9’s partnership with the global secure digital platform provider e-Boks is a collaboration set to redefine the standards of digital interaction between businesses and their customers. A partnership that leverages the strengths of both organisations to offer a more secure, efficient, and integrated digital communication experience.