C9 Campaign

Design, Personalise and Send Better Email Campaigns

Complete Business Email Campaign Solution  

Finally, a campaign email system that is easy to use, but also contains all the tools you need in one place. C9 Campaign lets you create forms, add database segments, edit images on-the-fly, link to Google Analytics, social media, and schedule sends. The system includes GDPR opt-in functionality built into each form and list.

Prioritise Lead Generation

You can turbocharge your lead generation by automating sophisticated email nurturing campaigns designed to convert leads into paying customers. Easily create forms to match your branding and manage your database contacts in one central location. Develop rich insights and lead profiles and build segmented target groups to achieve optimal results.

Click here to see how C9 Campaign transformed “Franchise New Zealand’s” email communications.

Protect Your Business with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is available with C9 Campaign. 2FA adds an extra layer of security from fraudulent activity when logging into your account. Safely access your account with 2FA from any device at home or office. Help protect your customer data from online risks with C9 Campaign and 2FA.

Already a C9 campaign user? Getting 2FA set up is easy – Find out how here.


What we do

Create awesome emails
Professionally designed templates with an easy-to-use template editor = AWESOME!
Manage your customers
More than just email! Slice, dice, capture & target your customers.
Analyse your results
It’s not just about sending. Analyse and improve your email marketing efforts through our reports.
Grow your subscribers
Oh yeah you can do this too! Facebook forms, subscribe forms and so much more!
Segmentation is a breeze
Use spreadsheet view to slice and dice data for easy segmentation.
Interactive reports
See who received, opened, clicked and shared your emails.
Dynamic content tool
Create one email with different content for each segment of your database.
Spam compliance
In-built features to help you adhere to the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act.
Social media integration
Synchronise your email marketing with your social networks.
Google analytics integration
Track incoming traffic from emails that you’ve sent.
Automated emails triggered by client profile and interactions.

C9 Campaign helps


Since its inception in 2004, Quadient Inspire has been using leading-edge technologies to create an edge for businesses. Delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) through personalised omnichannel communications is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage, building customer loyalty and driving revenue. However, many large organisations face a number of challenges including departmental silos, legacy systems and changing market regulations.

Cumulo9 has partnered with Quadient’s award-winning CCM solution, Inspire, helping companies design, manage and deliver personalised, accurate and compliant communications across all channels, from one centralised platform.