C9 Validate

Customer Contact Audit, Update and Verification

The cost-effective solution to efficiently managing your customer data. 

Securely Manage Critical Client Information

Cumulo9 has nearly 20 years experience managing contact details for customers and has built a suite of proprietary processes and software which when combined will provide the best possible update of any customer database.

Tracked and Auditable Data

Our integrated solution assists in obtaining accurate, verified data (email addresses, postal addresses or phone numbers) for organisations that have gaps in their information. The manner in which this information is obtained and updated is fully recorded, tracked, reliable and auditable.

C9 Validate is made up of three sub-processes - read on for the full process and download the product paper here.


How it works

Data Audit

Cumulo9 are provided with an extract of client data - most often a combination of names, addresses or phone numbers. C9 Data Audit assists in sorting this information and carving out inaccurate phone numbers and addresses. This sets the groundwork for the identification of old addresses and phone numbers. Where we have been provided with email addresses, there is a cleaning process that can assist in removing invalid addresses.

Data Update

C9 Data Update is used to send SMS messages and direct the recipient to a personalised landing page where their additional information (eg. email addresses) can be gathered and authenticated with an automated verification button. This information is passed back to the C9 Validate interface in real-time and the contact records updated with any additional information. If requested the system can send a copy of this data to the recipient to amend or confirm the details they have entered.

Data Verify

C9 Data Verify allows for gaps in the data to be followed up by our team with calls using our bespoke call progress software to ensure that all communication with your contacts is reliable, auditable and tracked every step of the way. Records can be entered into the system where there has been no response after a set period of time. C9 Data Verify can also automate updates, forms and confirmation documents to be sent to contacts in order to further authenticate their information.

End Result

Your organisation can now enjoy much-improved accuracy and more comprehensive customer data records

Effective Communication

C9 Validate is a purpose-developed solution that uses proven techniques to audit, update and then verify your individual customer records. Ultimately this process will provide your organisation with a far more accurate and comprehensive extract of contact data at the end of the process. This allows you to effectively communicate with a higher percentage of your contacts.


Recorded and tracked


Reliable and auditable

The e-Boks platform helps automate and streamline your digital communication with the highest level of security and compliance.

Cumulo9’s partnership with the global secure digital platform provider e-Boks is a collaboration set to redefine the standards of digital interaction between businesses and their customers. A partnership that leverages the strengths of both organisations to offer a more secure, efficient, and integrated digital communication experience.