Highly Secure Digital ID

Obtain easy and secure verified identity with Cumulo9’s OneID solution. Giving users the ability to easily execute their everyday business transactions with a highly secure digital identity. The OneID platform ensures the safety and security of all data.

Fast Set-up

To begin using OneID and complete the verification process, users simply record a video selfie and take a photo of their ID card.

Full Control by Users

Users can decide to whom and when access to their data is granted by easily giving permission via the OneID app.

All-in-one Solution

OneID offers a flexible all-in-one solution for all partners and citizens across public and private cloud deployments.

Easy Onboarding

The OneID app onboards users through its advanced eKYC process that supports passports, national ID cards and driver licenses through an integrated facial recognition and liveness check.

Verification App

Users can easily give their consent through their mobile device via the OneID app.

Adjustable to Regulations

The OneID platform complies with data sovereignty, national and cyber security regulations of each supported country.


How it works

Take Full Control

Cumulo9’s OneID solution provides users with a secured and safe platform to access their data easily through their mobile device. Users simply begin by completing the verification process of recording a video selfie and taking a photo of their ID card to allow accessing the app by facial recognition. Users can then begin accessing their secured data easily and quickly with the function of having full control through their mobile devices. All personal data on OneID is fully encrypted with a unique key stored on the mobile device creating an easy and seamless process. Users simply open the OneID app to approve or reject requests for data accessibility on their device.

Security and Compliance

OneID user's personal data is fully encrypted with a unique key that is stored on their mobile devices. OneID’s security and compliance features include:

  • ID Verification
  • Face Authentification
  • Face Recognition
  • Liveness Check
  • Open ID Check


The e-Boks platform helps automate and streamline your digital communication with the highest level of security and compliance.

Cumulo9’s partnership with the global secure digital platform provider e-Boks is a collaboration set to redefine the standards of digital interaction between businesses and their customers. A partnership that leverages the strengths of both organisations to offer a more secure, efficient, and integrated digital communication experience.