18 Dec 2019

The Cumulo9 Product Suite Explained – in a new video...

Finding one company to handle your digital communications is not an easy task and dealing with multiple suppliers can waste both money and time. Fortunately, Cumulo9 are the experts in digital solutions and our suite of products has been developed to combine the latest in cross channel design, security, and delivery.

To help explain what our core products deliver, how they can benefit and add value to your business, we have developed a short (3min 17sec) yet comprehensive video that explains each product for you. Check out our latest company product video here – we’re pretty happy with our latest video which builds on the company video we released earlier in the year (check that one out here if you have not seen it yet or need a refresher) 

Check out the video for all the information, or if you prefer to read up on the products, we’ve included a short description and links to the specific product sections on the website below.

C9 Transact

C9 Transact is a cost-effective world-class email engine for the transaction of document delivery. With an audited 99.5% deliverability, you can rest assured your essential business emails reach your customers.


This is our robust mail transfer agent tool that is scalable, secure and works across multiple platforms. C9 MTA delivers huge volumes of email in the shortest possible time, either on-premise or in the cloud.

Quadient, Inspire

This product drives customer experience to new levels, allowing you to centralise your entire organisation's communications in one place. With Quadient, Inspire you have control over the systems and processes used in your business communications across all channels with a package that is optimised for high-speed design and output.

C9 Campaign

C9 Campaign is perfect for all your campaign email requirements. Create forms, databases,  segmentation and customer journey automation using responsive templates. Integrating with Google Analytics and social media allowing you to create compliant, dynamic and customisable campaigns. 

C9 Signature

C9 signature is a product that will seamlessly and consistently brand and track employee mail. Convert your business emails so they are fully compliant and branded regardless of which email provider you use. Along with this, you will be notified in real-time when an email is opened or a link is clicked allowing you to effectively manage and track your email communications.

C9 Healthcare

This package is designed specifically for the healthcare industry, it provides centralised control over all documents relating to health care, including medicare and medicaid. With this tool you will be able to access and disseminate information easier than ever before. 

C9 Vault

C9 Vault manages your customer communication storage and retrieval. This Integrated online system gives you high-speed access to all your customer communications with confidence that your documents are securely held and can be efficiently accessed


We have design our products to give you peace of mind with your digital communications, transforming how these are managed in your business. Are you iunterested in learning more about the extensive suite of digital communication products Cumulo9 has available? Check out our latest product video or check on the website for the full suite of products available.

And of course, if you still have questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us our experienced team to discuss the best digital communication solutions for your business.

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