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The cost-effective solution to digital transactional document delivery. Our world-class audited 99.5% deliverability ensures statements, invoices, payslips, contracts, and updates securely reach your customers, so they can take action promptly.

DKIM and GDPR Compliance

Including all of the latest security features such as DKIM and POLI payment technology, Cumulo9’s C9 Transact provides a stable platform that efficiently delivers essential communications. It also allows you to be GDPR compliant.

Tracked Business Email

Get your transactional email communications delivered and tracked, while ensuring they meet legislative requirements – and get paid more efficiently.

Data Security and Audibility

C9 Transact provides some of the highest levels of security and audibility available anywhere in the world today. Use C9 Transact to ensure your essential business emails are not only delivered and tracked, they also meet the ever-changing risk, security, compliance, audit, and legislative requirements.

Protect Your Business with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is available with C9 Campaign. 2FA adds an extra layer of security from fraudulent activity when logging into your account. Safely access your account with 2FA from any device at home or office. Help protect your customer data from online risks with C9 Campaign and 2FA.

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How C9 Transact works

Step 01

Documents and customised xml assembled into input folder and compressed into .zip file.

Step 02

Compressed input file transmitted to the C9 Transact secure server. C9 Transact unpacks and processes input file and conducts email assembly.

Step 03

C9 Transact delivers seamlessly branded and personalised emails and attachments to end recipients that meet risk, security, compliance, audit, and legislative requirements.

Step 04

In-depth reporting: Comprehensive delivery, click and view statistics. Error reporting and customisable retry cycles.

Check out the Cumulo9 Deliverability Calculator below to see how much extra revenue you can earn by increasing your email efficiency with Cumulo9.


What you currently earn from each delivered email
Amount of extra emails to be delivered per month
Amount of extra timely revenue per month
Amount of extra timely revenue per month
Amount of saving on postage per year

What we do

More than just email
Unmatched Deliverability expand_more
World Class 99.5% measured deliverability rate.
Interactive Reports expand_more
Comprehensive delivery, click and view data.
Automated Non Delivery expand_more
Automation of non-delivered items back into physical mail.
Compliant and Secure expand_more
Email that meets the ever-changing risk, security, compliance, audit, and legislative requirements.
Fully Secure Storage expand_more
Multiple options supporting the transmission of encrypted documents.
Format Optimised expand_more
Formatting responsive for optimal viewing on multiple devices from pc to smartphone.
No Spam Issues expand_more
Spam filter transparency.
Payment Buttons expand_more
Improve your cash flow with integrated payment buttons.
Segmentation is a Breeze expand_more
Advanced content segmentation depending on receiver.

From Paper to Paperless

Solutions to meet your archiving and electronic documents delivery challenges while ensuring your compliance, audit, legislative, security, and risk obligations are met.

Looking for a rock-solid, reliable, and cost-effective way to deliver your essential transactional documents – statements, invoices, and contacts?

Cumulo9’s solutions provide everything you need to manage the documents and communicate them via our proven email delivery platform that delivers hundreds of millions of business emails with 99.5% measured deliverability plus full tracking and reporting.

We provide important delivery confirmation and our clicked link and viewed analytics provides measured cross-sell and up-sell marketing opportunities.

99.5% Measured deliverability
60% Cost savings

C9 Transact helps

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