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Articles | 07 Aug 2020

What Is DKIM and why you should be asking for it

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is one part of a four-step email authentication process that allows a receiver to make sure that an email is legitimate, authorised and unaltered...
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Articles | 27 Jul 2020

The dangers of not keeping your data up to date

As professionals in digital communication Cumulo9 knows the technical consequences of a data breach. Any information that you store digitally for your business such as client email...
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Articles | 13 Jul 2020

Deliverability, Security and Risk top of mind for Businesses Communication

Digital Communications TransformedSending transactional documents by email sounds easy, but it is a minefield for the uninitiated. According to Validity, 17% of emails failed to re...
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Articles | 10 Jul 2020

Returning to work trends post lockdown

The way we work and how businesses run has forever changed after habits formed during lockdown. One major transformation of COVID-19 has been working from home, this was essential ...
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Articles | 17 Apr 2020

How to Communicate During Difficult Times: Part 2

New Zealand is currently in alert level 4 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic which can mean a hard time for many people as businesses have to close and all face to face contac...
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Articles | 23 Mar 2020

Effectively manage the transition from office to home

As we move from alert level 3 and onto level 4 in the coming days in order to minimise the spread of Covid-19 the New Zealand government are advising all ‘non-essential’ staff to w...
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Articles | 13 Mar 2020

Do you ever wake up in a hot-sweat, having had a nightmare about somehow getting it wrong?

The recent ANZ case (Stuff 3/3/2020) was not about a data breach, but it did follow a succession of other failings and this time the Commerce Commission has chosen to take the case...
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Articles | 16 Sep 2019

Cumulo9 CEO Chris Hogg shares his highlights from the recent MORGO conference.

What is MORGO?When I returned to New Zealand in 2002 after twenty years in the Northern Hemisphere, I met Jenny Morel who at that stage was running an investment bank and a VC Fund...
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Articles | 15 May 2019

It’s been close to twelve months since The GDPR legalisation was introduced in Europe – so what?

And … what’s happening in NZ to tighten-up growing concerns over data privacy?
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Articles | 15 May 2019

Gartner report provides insights into the changing face of customer communications

Customer communications are recognised as the critical touch-point between an organisation and their customers. In many cases, they are the only connection. But in a world where ch...
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Articles | 28 Feb 2019

How To Ensure Your Customers Read What You Send Them

Just because you’ve sent it, doesn’t mean your message is getting through. Here are three areas that are critical to understand to ensure that your customer communications are deli...
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Articles | 18 Feb 2019

The Uses and Benefits of Transactional Emails

Transactional email is a vital pillar of any brand’s business email strategy. Even today, the most commonly used form of communication between brands and their customers is email. ...
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Articles | 14 Jan 2019

Mass Emailing: 10 Great and Quick Tips for Success

Mass Email is more strategic than you think and there are several things to consider in order to launch a successful business email campaign and improve the effectiveness of your e...
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Articles | 19 Dec 2018

System Upgrade Release – DKIM on C9 Signature

Cumulo9 delivered an early Christmas present by providing an extra layer of security and authentication of their C9 Signature product. This improved feature that will benefit all C...
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Articles | 25 Nov 2018

7 Ways to Avoid the Spam Folder

1. Avoid dirty tricksRandom and extraneous characters in your email subject lines to attract recipients to open your emails simply do not work. Some examples of these are “pR!zE” “...
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Articles | 23 Oct 2018

How Much of Your E-Delivery Arrives?

Just because something was sent, doesn’t mean that it is always delivered as expected.

We recently saw an Uber Eats driver in Melbourne caught taking a chip from a customer’s deli...
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Articles | 05 Oct 2018

Using Email to Improve Your Business Efficiency

Running your business in this fast-paced technological age can be easier than you think by using email to improve some key business efficiencies.

We all know that email improves e...
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Articles | 23 Sep 2018

2018 Deliverability Benchmark Report

It has been a busy 12 months on the business email landscape with plenty of changes across the industry particularly with GDPR coming into effect in May. Some of these changes have...
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Articles | 31 Aug 2018

Why is Optimising Emails for Different Devices and Formats so Crucial?

At the start of 2017, we posted the top 5 points to consider with responsive email design. Fast forward 18 months’ and consumers have become more and more mobile when it comes to h...
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Articles | 26 Jul 2018

Managing Consent with GDPR

It’s now just over a month since the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect (25 May 2018). At Cumulo9 we are big fans of the GDPR and believe it will pave the ...
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Articles | 12 Jun 2018

Reaching the Inbox – Monitoring and Managing Email Deliverability

Transactional documents such as invoices, contracts and payslips are the lifeblood of any company.  Today, more than 50% of these documents are delivered via email around the world...
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