24 Jan 2023

High essential email deliverability is key to cost savings

Deliverability is often overlooked, but is the most important metric for success in essential email communications.

C9 Transact sends over a third of all essential email for enterprise customers in New Zealand. It has a world-class success rate of 99.5% deliverability of essential emails, as confirmed by audit.

As a result, important emails reach their intended recipients so they can act promptly. C9 Transact customers span a wide range of verticals (government and industries). Essential email communications include items such as payslips, remittances, rates notifications, invoices and statements. 

Cost Savings

Cumulo9 publishes a comprehensive Essential Email Insights report each year. From the emails analysed for the past calendar year, just under half a percent were not delivered due to hard bounces (0.49% to be precise). This represents around a 30% savings for businesses over the past 12 months simply due to a decrease in hard bounce rates. 
In contrast, global statistics from 2021 show that only 1 in 6 marketing emails reach the inbox.  

Our essential emails are viewed multiple times

Emails that are essential and transactional often get viewed multiple times and this is trending upwards. Our last Essential Email report showed the open rate at just over 2.0, meaning on average people are opening their essential emails a couple of times before actioning/filing/deleting - this is an increase from 1.6 from the previous report. This open rate shows how valuable essential email is as a channel for essential communications, with recipients going back to check invoices, payslips and updates multiple times. This results in even further cost savings for businesses who do not need to send our postal reminder letters. 

Premium delivery is worth the investment. Each non-delivered email costs around $1.50 (excluding time resources) to process and deliver by mail (in a fully automated environment). If that cost is apportioned to each successfully delivered email, the price to send increases dramatically. 

Feel free to contact the team at Cumulo9 if you would like to discuss your essential email delivery solutions.

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