20 Sep 2022

Sustainable Digital Email Post Reduces a Paper Mountain

Around the globe, postal organisations are having to defend the significant reduction in physical mail and how that impacts their employees and the longevity of their jobs. What hasn’t had much awareness within media is the changing nature of how consumers like to receive their mail and the ongoing increase in the number of users of digital email solutions. And the great news is that the increasing number of consumers using digital email solutions has a large positive impact on the environment.

Positive impacts on the environment (and wallet)

To put that into perspective, Cumulo9 generates millions of emails monthly that contain electronic invoices, statements and other financial documents across New Zealand with our range of digital communication solutions.  If you were to stack the paper and envelopes that would be needed to physically send one million paper documents per month, over a year you would create a stack approximately 3,700 metres tall.  Five million documents would create a stack 18,500 tall, almost twice the height of Mount Everest!  We estimate around 14,500 trees would be required to produce all of that paper. OK, we’re probably a little biased however we believe that just this one small contribution is a massive positive impact to the environment and demonstrates the sustainability that is possible with digital emailing solutions.

While the above sustainability measures are reason enough to embrace digital email solutions, there is the added benefit of significant cost savings for businesses.  This is where we like to focus on delivery rates as this can ultimately make all the difference to the bottom line.  For example; the cost of a non-delivered email is between $2-3 (handling, printing, paper, envelope, stuffing, sorting, lodging, stamp etc.) - this means that:

  • For 1,000,000 emails at 95% deliverability this means 50,000 not delivered at a cost of $125,000.  This means the real cost of an email is $0.125 - not the $0.0001 or less that is advertised
  • At 90% deliverability, the cost per email rises to $0.25!

Did we mention Cumulo9's audited delivery rate is 99.5%

Digital Transactional Email

Postal networks around the world are frequently having to re-evaluate their operating strategies whilst remaining conscious of the social and environmental impacts that mail delivery services have on the population. Using digital solutions for essential email is a useful service that postal organisations can continue to provide guaranteed delivery with sustainability being a primary focus.  Cumulo9 has been providing organisations with transactional email services for over a decade and has continued to grow the range of digital communication solutions that help reduce negative environmental impacts.


To learn more about how Cumulo9’s transactional email services can help reduce the size of your paper mountain, contact us here  

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Since its inception in 2004, Quadient Inspire has been using leading-edge technologies to create an edge for businesses. Delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) through personalised omnichannel communications is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage, building customer loyalty and driving revenue. However, many large organisations face a number of challenges including departmental silos, legacy systems and changing market regulations.

Cumulo9 has partnered with Quadient’s award-winning CCM solution, Inspire, helping companies design, manage and deliver personalised, accurate and compliant communications across all channels, from one centralised platform.