10 May 2023

Maximising your business email success

Who wants their mailbox clogged with advertising emails? Nobody! As a result, when we see a promotional email, we often delete them without opening them. However, there are instances when we notice our name or an intriguing subject line and open that particular email. This is a consumer behaviour that would be helpful to understand further. Is there a manual or strategy for knowing what to do to get your consumers to open your email among all the clutter they receive? While there is no “one size fits all” manual for this, we can help you develop and test some methods that will help make your business emails more engaging.  Here are some suggestions:

Wait until the end of your email to write the subject line

Your subject line should be a catchy summary of the entire email. The subject line will impact whether your email remains in the inbox and is opened or if the reader simply moves it to the spam folder. Have a go at composing the subject line after you've included all of the text in the email. Choose the most interesting part of the email and spice it up with a catchy subject line.

Send using a personal email account

We frequently receive emails from generic accounts, such as sales@xyzcompany.com. Studies suggest that emails from an actual person, such as joe.bloggs@xyzcompany.com, are twice as likely to be opened as generic accounts. This gives a personal touch to the email and communication. It's fairly simple to set up in many email marketing automation platforms, but many organisations still overlook this very simple step.

Keep an eye out for image overload

Make images distinctive and personal to your reader. A plain text email addressing the recipient by first name will often outperform a graphics-heavy email with several clickable links. Too many images or text that are too sales-y can place you in the dreaded "Promotions" folder.

Send something that a person is interested in learning more about

Individuals are interested in learning more about information or products. Always make the customer want to know what you're going to tell them. Making them curious with a catchy subject line will make it even more interesting for the customer. Before you hit send, it's not a bad practice to ask yourself, “What value does this communication add” If you draw a blank, then it may be worth taking another look at the content.

Maintain clarity in the email

Speak about one thing very well. Do not try to sell or communicate everything in one email. Try to make the customer focus on the one thing that your business email is targeting. Maintaining clarity makes the email more focused and effective.

These are a few of our favourite tips and tricks to help with your email open rates. Take the time to have a critical look at your business email strategy and start engaging your audience today! And, of course, if you’re ready to take your digital communications to the next level, get in touch with the Cumulo9 team today.

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