22 Feb 2023

Essential Email deliverability – a positive step for a greener future

High delivery of essential business email can only help

Cumulo9 recently hit a significant milestone of 200 million business emails sent via the Cumulo9 C9 Transact email service. What’s impressive about the 200 million emails sent is that they were all “essential” emails, like bills, statements and other critical notices.  And they were all sent from New Zealand email addresses to other New Zealand email addresses.

While we are rightly proud of the 99.95 delivery rate that has helped us reach this milestone, it got us thinking about where else this may be having a positive impact.  Our thoughts turned to the planting of trees to offset carbon and the issue of overseas investment of farmland being converted for carbon farming. While not our area of expertise, we did a little desktop research into the issue.

First up, a bit of background

Converting farmland to forestry for carbon offsets is a practice that involves planting trees on farmland to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in the trees and soil. This process is known as “afforestation” and can help to offset carbon emissions from other sources, such as transport and industry. Carbon credits are then sold to companies and individuals who wish to offset their emissions, with the revenue generated often used to fund the planting and maintenance of new forests. While this practice can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is important that it is done in a sustainable and responsible manner to avoid competition for land use and other environmental impacts. New Zealand is the only country in the world with an emissions trading scheme (ETS) that allows unlimited forestry offsetting, and this has seen an issue arise with foreign investment overseas investors purchasing farms to convert to forestry.

How can NZ organisations help

The New Zealand government's decision to end the streamlined forestry test for overseas investors planning to convert farms to forests is a positive step towards addressing the issue of wholesale farm conversion for carbon farming. In addition to the regulatory changes, businesses can also contribute to sustainability by adopting environmentally-friendly practices. This is where Cumulo9 fits in, as one such practice is the use of email, which saves paper and reduces waste. With more businesses moving towards digital communication for their essential email, this has become a vital tool for organisations to help reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainability. Essential email is typically high volume, and this is where a high deliverability rate is important.

Deliverability matters 

Cumulo9 is proud to help organisations with an essential email delivery rate of 99.95%, compared to an industry average of around 90%. This means that almost all emails sent through our system are delivered successfully. This reduces the need for businesses to send follow-up communications via the postal system, reducing paper use along with the associated cost and time savings.

It seems like a good idea to us to do what we can to reduce our reliance on overseas investors planning to convert farms to forests and the issue of wholesale farm conversion for carbon farming. In addition, businesses can also contribute to sustainability by adopting environmentally-friendly practices, such as email communication combined with a high delivery rate.

By using services like Cumulo9, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and support a sustainable and responsible business model, which will benefit New Zealanders and the environment in the long term. We’d be keen to hear what you think; drop us a line.

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