17 Apr 2020

How to Communicate During Difficult Times: Part 2

New Zealand is currently in alert level 4 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic which can mean a hard time for many people as businesses have to close and all face to face contact must remain within your household or ‘bubble’. During times like these, now more than ever, digital communication is key. Businesses need to accurately inform their customers of their individual working circumstances due to these changes. Here are some more tips on what and how you should be communicating with your customers during these difficult times: 

  • Wording: Front foot client concerns. All your emails should be worded in a less formal nature and in a gentler manner. People are stressed and although you need to be informative with your customers, do it in a caring way that lets them know you are still there to help.

  • Be particular about the comms you send out: Be particular about what communications you send out and pick a platform that you know will reach the most clients - whether that be via email or on social media (or both). Remember not to over-do it and bombard your customers with communication on every platform as many other companies will also be sending various communications. People have a lot on their plates. Send one main update and continue to send updates when it is necessary. Make it clear if people need more information, they can contact you (if you are set up to do so).

  • Stay true to your brand: In times like these people need things to stay as normal as they can. Remember to stick to your brand's key values and offer your clients support and help where you can during these strange times. Remain true to the values that your company stands for so that when restrictions change you emerge with an even stronger brand presence.

Review your marketing strategy: Review any strategy that you developed prior to the current situation and if it is outdated make sure to remove or redefine your plan. Make alternative suggestions so you can continue to offer your services whilst helping to minimise face to face contact. For example, companies are offering virtual meetings with clients, try digitising events if you can. Another example is a local gym that’s offering virtual workout classes in order to continue to offer their services where they can.

We hope these tips are of some help to your business – rethinking your communication strategy going forward. Although the circumstances are not ideal we can all do our best to try and continue on as best we can. The team at Cumulo9 are set up to work at home and we are here to continue to offer our products and services to you. If you need help with your email communications whilst you're working from home please contact us, we are here to help.

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