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With the changing NZ Privacy Laws and GDPR compliance – Is your Employee Email system ready to comply in terms of privacy and data storage?  C9 Signature can help reduce your risk and ensure you are ready for these changes.

With the upcoming changes to the NZ The Privacy Act and GDPR setting new standards for digital communication best practice, it’s crucial to ensure your emails are security compliant. C9 Signature can take care of all your email security measures. Giving companies a secure, third-party server with the highest levels of security, traceability, and reporting. Helping organisations meet their compliance requirements as it employs DKIM, showing the recipient server that the message hasn’t been altered.

Passing emails through C9 Signature makes it possible to prevent emails from spoofing your domain. SPF is hard locked to your domain so nobody can set up an imitator account. C9 Signature also uses TLS which allows your emails to be sent over a secure line.

Using C9 Signature ensures you have full data security, as we can instantly delete any content from our server after it's been delivered. The C9 Signature graphical user interface tracks all third-party interaction with email. Any detected malware activity can be isolated with C9 signature as we can cut off the sender domain and shut it off for as long as necessary.

Along with your security and compliance taken care of, C9 Signature also ensures all your employee emails are seamlessly branded and delivered with dynamic templates and disclaimers.

C9 Signature is easy to deploy either as a hosted service or within your own email environment. C9 Signature can connect to your active directory meaning you can continue to use your current email platform. Contact us today and we can help you meet your new data security obligations.

Click here to see how C9 Signature transformed “The Wellington Cancer Society” communications.

C9 Signature for email communications

What we do

More than just an email signature - Risk, Compliance, and Audibility are taken care of
Manage Risk, Compliance and Audibility expand_more
Ensure your employee email systems comply with privacy and data storage requirements
Professional, Consistent Email Signatures expand_more
Brand identity is consistent and uniform across the organisation.
Silent Email Tracking expand_more
Know when emails are opened, links are clicked, and pages viewed.
Detailed Reporting expand_more
Insight into email activity, usage, and response.
Create More Leads expand_more
Use banners that drive more engagement amongst recipients.
Personalisation expand_more
Personalised photo, contact details, and links are presented with each email.
Brand-Wrapped Email expand_more
Send and receive branded emails on any email platform and on any device.

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