19 Dec 2018

System Upgrade Release – DKIM on C9 Signature

Cumulo9 delivered an early Christmas present by providing an extra layer of security and authentication of their C9 Signature product. This improved feature that will benefit all C9 Signature via the recent system upgrade release is called DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

DKIM is a technical standard that protects email senders and receivers from the vicious spamming, phishing, and spoofing of fraudulent individuals. It is a type of email validation that allows companies to claim responsibility of an email through validation in the receiver’s side. It utilises a technology that is called “Public Key” to authenticate an email message from an official mail server used by the sender.

By using this approach, counterfeit recognition can be uncovered and in turn – prevent the transfer of harmful emails.

Specifically, this approach uses digital signatures that are added to email headers. That signature will then be matched into the public key in the company’s Domain Name System (DNS) records. If these items are matched, then the authentication will be validated and the transfer of the email will pass through. This added level of security helps ensure that your legitimate business emails are less likely to be classed as spam, and more likely to be correctly delivered.

We hope you enjoy the latest enhancements we have made to C9 Signature.

Would you like one of the team to provide any further info?  If so, get in touch with us now to get the ball rolling by adding DKIM to your C9 Signature email system.

Interested in DKIM technology and not yet a C9 Signature customer?  No problem, just drop us a line and one of the Cumulo9 team will contact you to help improve your transactional email delivery efficiency.

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