14 Jan 2019

Mass Emailing: 10 Great and Quick Tips for Success

Mass Email is more strategic than you think and there are several things to consider in order to launch a successful business email campaign and improve the effectiveness of your essential email communications.

Here are our 10 best practice and quick tips for mass email campaign success:

1. Must be an opt-in subscriber

First things first, you should have a separate list of subscribers that have opted-in to receive your business emails.

2. How familiar are you with your local email marketing regulations?

This is one of the most important steps to be clear on before you send out mass emails to your subscribers. It is important you are compliant with the email legislative requirements for the specific countries you are sending your emails to – for example:

New ZealandThe Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

AustraliaSpam Act 2003

USACAN-SPAM Act of 2003

EuropeGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

3. Concise content

Business emails don’t need to be too long. To form a concise and informative message, stick to the core purpose of the email, doing this will help ensure your communication is read and understood at the same time. This increases the likelihood of the desired action taking place.

4. Make sure it is mobile-optimised

It is a growing trend for people to open/ view emails on their mobile devices. This means we must design (and test) our email campaigns to ensure they are responsive, and easy to view and action from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

5. Use an effective email subject line

The subject line is the first part of the email content your customers will see. Using a specific and relevant subject line will help ensure your essential email communications are opened by your customers. When was the last time you ran a test on the subject line? Why not try some A/B testing to see which subject lines generate the most engagement from your customers?

6. Include exclusive promotions

To help engagement with your customers once they open your email communications – if appropriate – consider including exclusive offers, discounts, and other benefits to add value to your business emails.

7. Consider the images you use

The use of images in an email can help improve the effectiveness of your communication. However, images do not always display – either due to the server or user settings. Ensure your message is still able to be communicated and understood, whether the images are displayed or not.

8. Add a “call-to-action” button

It is amazing how often this very simple yet extremely important action is missed. To prompt your customers to complete the required action make sure your call to action such as a “payment button” is easy to find and works!

9. Do manual testing before your business email is sent out

Once you have drafted your business email make sure you review and test to ensure the layout is accurate and device responsive. Ensure all hyperlinks are working and your call to action buttons are included and working. A best practice email service provider like Cumulo9 will ensure that all testing is complete before any business emails are delivered.

10. Analyse your business email data

A good mass email service provider/ system should provide you with regular comprehensive reporting. Cumulo9’s comprehensive In-depth reporting includes:

  • comprehensive delivery results
  • click and view statistics
  • error reporting
  • customisable retry cycles

You can track and improve your essential customer communication effectiveness and delivery. For more information on effective mass email services contact the expert team at Cumulo9 now:

email: support@cumulo9.com or phone:

NZ Support Line +64 9 377 8885

AU Support Line +61 3 9013 4568

USA Support Line +1 201 204 9460

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