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07 Aug 2017

New Mailpost features allow you to get paid quicker and increase email security

Launching today is the latest version of our Mailpost product and the team is excited about the new possibilities for our customers. A POLi payment button can now be added into your emails and they will also now be able to be authenticated using Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) for added security.

With the new POLi functionality, the team can now add a payment button and URL directly to your email so that recipients can quickly and easily pay your invoices. With POLi, your customers can pay via internet banking which means they no longer need to make credit or debit card payments. As many New Zealanders do not own a credit card, this is an attractive option for our POLi payments with Cumulo9customers looking to provide a wider range of payment options to their customers. The added bonus is that you get paid quicker and can enjoy faster payment reconciliations as POLi payments are transferred directly from the customer’s bank account to your bank account.

POLi payments are widely used in key New Zealand online retail outlets and there’s a good chance that your customers have used it before. As POLi does not capture usernames or passwords, it is the trusted choice for online payments.

In addition to the new POLi feature, we now offer Mailpost customers the ability to authenticate their email messages using Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM). This allows Mailpost, as an intermediary, to take responsibility for a message that is in transit. Senders can thereby ensure only genuine messages from their organisation are identified as such and that the content of the message is unaltered so that their reputation for clean email practices is upheld. Recipient servers evaluate whether to trust the message and deliver based on this clean reputation.

DKIM attaches a new domain name identifier to a message and uses cryptographic techniques to validate authorisation for its presence. Receivers who successfully validate a signature can use information about the signer as part of a program to limit spam, spoofing, phishing or other undesirable behaviours. The DKIM specification itself does not prescribe any specific actions by the recipient.

We hope you enjoy the latest enhancements we have made to Mailpost. We’re excited with the benefits these new “free of charge” features the Mailpost system upgrade delivers. Drop us a line here if you want to talk with any of the Cumulo9 team about these features or call us direct in New Zealand on +64 9 377 8885 or Australia +61 3 9013 4568.

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