19 Mar 2018

Increase the effectiveness of your Campaign Emails with A/B Testing

A/B Testing or as it is sometimes known – Split Testing, is one of the key benefits businesses can utilise to ensure their email marketing is as effective as possible.

First, an explanation (thanks, Wikipedia) – A/B testing is essentially a controlled experiment with two variants, A and B. It is an easy way to compare two different versions of an email with one small difference between them and then measure the results that the change makes to metrics such as open or click rates

It could be different wording used in the subject line, different hyperlinks or changing the wording in the call to action. The key is to just make one change so you can effectively measure the differences and then know what caused it. However you go about doing it, A/B testing is a powerful way to work out what helps improve the metrics in your email marketing activity with your audience.

And the exciting news is that as of Wednesday 14 March, the Cumulo9 Mailprimer One-to-Many campaign tool now includes an A/B testing tool for your subject lines. Test and refine to find out which subject lines get the best open and response rates in your campaign emails with Mailprimer One-to-Many.

What’s more, we already have conditional content and personalisation functionality that allows you to customise the content and look of your emails based on recipient preferences. Start using these features now so that your digital communications become more relevant and effective with each send!

If you are an existing One-to-Many customer you can check out how to launch an A/B campaign here, and if you’re not a customer yet, then drop us a line below for more information.

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Since its inception in 2004, Quadient Inspire has been using leading-edge technologies to create an edge for businesses. Delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) through personalised omnichannel communications is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage, building customer loyalty and driving revenue. However, many large organisations face a number of challenges including departmental silos, legacy systems and changing market regulations.

Cumulo9 has partnered with Quadient’s award-winning CCM solution, Inspire, helping companies design, manage and deliver personalised, accurate and compliant communications across all channels, from one centralised platform.