16 Sep 2019


What is MORGO?

When I returned to New Zealand in 2002 after twenty years in the Northern Hemisphere, I met Jenny Morel who at that stage was running an investment bank and a VC Fund – No.8 Ventures.  Jenny championed the need for local VC funds and in addition to attracting some heavyweight local talent to invest, she also networked around the world and found Pitch Johnson who founded Asset Management Company, an early VC firm that invested in companies like Amgen and Tandem computers.  Jenny then raised a second fund (assisted by VIF) that invested in some more really interesting companies such as Martin Jetpack, IkeGPS and Rex Bionics.

Alongside this, in 2003, Jenny instituted an annual get together for the investee companies that she called MORGO.  Rather than an event where start-ups get to parade in front of investors, MORGO is all about start-ups and high growth companies getting together to share stories – good and bad, warts and all under Chatham House rules.

The benefits of taking time out to attend

I’ve attended several of these events over the years and have always come away with a new group of contacts, renewed acquaintances with past participants and most importantly experienced a recharge from all of the energy that flows when a group of entrepreneurs and high growth company founders share their experiences.

Attending conferences like MORGO helps me to focus on what is happening at the cutting edge of technology around the world as well as provide exposure to where we might be in the next five-ten years.

Continuous Innovation and development is key

Cumulo9 has been around since 2002 and in that time, like many of the companies that attend MORGO, we’ve moved with the times and morphed into what we are today – a full-service Digital Solutions Company.  We got here and will continue to remain a leader in our field by continually challenging the status quo and investing in new ideas.  We will continue to offer our customers leading-edge solutions, backed by local kiwi support and knowledge.  And we thank you for your continued support!

Success follows Passion

I’d encourage anyone who can to put aside a week or two every year to attend events like MORGO – anything structured that focusses the mind.  It is very invigorating to see that there are thousands of passionate Kiwis all around the world who are striving to grow their ideas and as a by-product have an incredibly successful company.  Note the order; passion and then success.

To find out more about the event and here from some of the attendees, here’s a link to a short video summary of this year’s event at Waitangi - click the image below to watch the video.

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News is the first draft of history

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