Press Release

23 Oct 2019

Cumulo9 and Valtatech partner to provide E-invoicing innovation

E-invoicing - the way of the future

In the past decade, there has been considerable activity around e-invoicing, primarily driven by companies and Governments implementing end-to-end procurement solutions.  Scandinavia has been a pioneer of these developments and its standards have been used as a basis for a European standard; PEPPOL, that has subsequently been adopted in other regions including Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

It is our view that e-invoicing will become the norm across the board in the next decade which will create a new paradigm for B2B relationships as the data exchange allows insights into activities such as confirmation of delivery and surety of payments.  We believe that this activity will create new opportunities for B2C interactions.  Cumulo9 is ideally positioned to understand all of the “bleeding edge” solutions that are in the market, and we’ve been able to identify and partner with what we consider to be the “best” solution currently on offer.

Introducing Valta Technology Group

A relatively new company that is creating big waves in the Procure to Pay space is Valta Technology Group (Valtatech) from Melbourne. Valtatech has been instrumental in breathing life into a number of extremely large Enterprise level “Procure to Pay” solutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Those solutions are now live and generating a return on the significant investments that have been made in third party software. Valtatech is growing rapidly and we have been very impressed with the calibre of people that they are bringing on board and their ability to cut through the bureaucracy and “get the job done.”

Joining forces to offer the best solutions

Valtatech and Cumulo9 are complementary businesses both in culture and offerings and so have joined forces to offer unrivalled solutions to our clients. Valtatech focuses on adding value to mid to large size corporates and connecting them with their supplier ecosystem for their inbound invoice volume, as well as simplifying their operations in purchasing from and paying their suppliers (Procure To Pay).  In parallel, Cumulo9 disrupts the outbound communications from these organisations to both consumers and businesses. Valtatech and Cumulo9 are cut from the same cloth: innovative, experts in our respective fields, no bureaucracy and a “can do” attitude.

We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Valtatech.  Our respective cultures, IP and ability to execute create a natural fit and we look forward to growing each other’s footprint across APAC” Chris Hogg, CEO of Cumulo9

We are excited to work with the Cumulo9 team to form a well-rounded, end to end value proposition for any competitive business in the region”. Jussi Karjalainen, Founder and Managing Partner of Valtatech

Don’t get left behind

Find out how Cumulo9 can improve your outbound email communications and transactional email delivery efficiency. If you would like one of the team to provide any further info on our new e-invoicing solution or any of our suite of products, send us an email and we'll be in touch.


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