28 Apr 2021

The Benefits of email tracking

How many times have you sent an email and wondered what happened to it? Email tracking can help you see when someone opens your emails, clicks on any links, and views any attachments. Email tracking also gives you the power to build and maintain your email activity to help boost efficiency and productivity. The suite of C9 products can help you do all of this and more – for now though, let’s take a look at the benefits of email tracking.

Firstly - what is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is when you use software to track email activity and importantly, using that data to inform business decisions. Most email tracking tools capture data on open rates, times, and locations, as well as click-throughs on links and attachments. With Cumulo9’s C9 Track and Trace, you can track your emails in real-time from sender to recipient with the highest levels of security, traceability and reporting. With silent read receipts and C9 Track and Trace’s dashboard, you will have full visibility of your business email engagement and the ability to monitor the level of interaction.

Benefits of Email Tracking

  • Improve efficiency: Email tracking allows you to see if your email was engaging enough for your audience to open. Tracking variables such as the day of the week, time of the day or even the subject line can help guide your business email activity.  This will help to ensure your emails are sent at the optimum time for the desired action.
  • Insight into email interactions: Tracking emails gives you valuable insight into how your email has interacted with your customers or clients. You can see who forwarded your email and see if anyone clicked on any important links or attachments. These types of insights help you shape future emails as you will have a clearer idea as to what your audience responds to.
  • Manager your Governance, Risk and Compliance Obligations: Governance, Risk and Compliance affect every part of your business. A key area of focus is your interaction with external parties and the vast majority of this interaction is via email. C9 Track and Trace can help provide the necessary tracking for legal and insurance purposes.

How to utilise your email tracking

With email tracking, if you notice a contact hasn't opened any of your recent emails, remove them from your mailing list, or reach out one last time with a simple one-click option to unsubscribe if they wish to do so. Use email tracking to better understand when you need to follow up with a client on any additional context. Let’s say a contact clicked on a specific link perhaps you can reach out with additional information on that topic, this allows you to proactively communicate with your database. It also helps you understand the type of content your audience finds interesting and useful - helping to guide future communications and content.

How Cumulo9 can help

With our extensive range of digital communication products, you can implement email tracking for your business emails in no time. For example, with C9 Validate you have tracked and audited data providing an integrated solution to assist in easily storing and retrieving accurate and verified data. Another useful option is C9 Transact which allows you to get your high volume transactional email communications delivered and tracked!. Finally, for best practice tracking functionality be sure to take a look at C9 Signature and C9 Track and Trace with both products offering some of the best business email tracking functionality available in the market.

Are you ready to give email tracking a try or perhaps to take your tracking to the next level? To take the first step, simply complete the form here to take advantage of the Cumulo9 free Track and Trace trial program.

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