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08 Apr 2024

Wealth Management Security Breach: A Case Study

In the world of Wealth Management, where email communications are important for client interactions, security breaches can be significant risks. Cumulo9's C9 Transact, a leading digital communications solution, faced such a challenge when a fraudster attempted to alter information in an email sent through their platform. However, through swift action and detailed investigation, Cumulo9 proved its strength and effectiveness in addressing security challenges.

The Incident and The Response

The incident began with an essential email sent via C9 Transact to a new customer of a Wealth Management Fund. Alarmingly, a fraudster altered the recipient's details and attempted to extract banking information. This raised concerns at both the Fund Manager and Cumulo9, prompting an urgent investigation.

Cumulo9's response was swift and decisive. Utilising the robust nature of their solution, they accessed comprehensive logs and audit reports, which confirmed that the email had reached the recipient's inbox unaltered. This important evidence shifted the focus away from potential transit interception, saving valuable time and resources. Further inquiry revealed that the recipient's desktop had been compromised, leading to the email alteration. This revelation emphasised Cumulo9's commitment to safeguarding email delivery security and its strength in handling complex cybersecurity challenges. 

Why Cumulo9

What sets Cumulo9 apart is its ability to mitigate security risks and its dedication to customer service. With a local presence and a responsive service ethos, Cumulo9 ensures that clients receive timely support and assistance. Moreover, their proprietary technology enables end-to-end management of email transmissions, guaranteeing secure receipt by various Email Service Providers (ESPs).

Cumulo9's C9 Transact strengths include reliability and security amidst the digital communication landscape. Businesses can trust Cumulo9 to safeguard their email communications and navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with confidence.

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