03 Mar 2016

Transactional Email Volumes continue to grow

In February 2016 New Zealand Post announced its first half earnings. Among the information released was a statement that letter volumes had fallen by 60 million units in the last 12 months. This information is in-line with postal authorities from around the world. Across the Tasman, Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour reported that “Letter posting by Australians is in “terminal and structural decline””, they report a 10.3% drop in the posting of ordinary stamped letters. In the USA the USPS reported a 5% drop for 2014. The UK’s Royal Mail reported an annual drop of 5% in July 2014.

By contrast, Cumulo9’s Mailpost solution which delivers invoices, statements and other essential documents (such as payslips and payment advices) saw a jump in volumes of 21% for 2015.

In parallel with this growth, Mailpost continued to provide world leading deliverability of 99.8%.

Mailpost is the world’s leading cloud based transactional email solution offering functionality that allows our licensees to:

  • Reduce DSO by up to 20%
  • Dramatically reduce print costs (by up to 500%)
  • Measure customer response rates
  • Provide customers with options for document delivery
  • Offer various security layers
  • Intergate payment buttons
  • Implement automations to third party systems
  • Carry on with business while Cumulo9 manages delivery of essential information

Mailpost is one of a number of world leading digital communications solutions offered by Cumulo9, all of which have been written to provide enhanced communications solutions that range from improving sales closure through automated updates of third party customer facing systems (e.g. CRM, Contact Management, ITS), essential document delivery and payment triggers.

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