29 Mar 2015

Tips to manage your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a key metric in many companies. With the cost of credit remaining tight and banks reducing credit lines, the ability to collect funds quickly is of paramount importance. Mailpost offers two compelling ways to reduce DSO.

  1. Invoice Queries. One of our customers was was amazed that they started receiving calls from corporate customers within ten minutes of emails being sent in order to reconcile statements, instead of waiting five days for the snail mail invoice to reach the accounts payable desk!
  2. Late payers. A large number of customers pay their invoices as late as possible. Utility companies offer various discount incentives to encourage Direct Debits and on-time payments, but there are still a large percentage that pay late, or by cheque. By inserting a payment button on the invoice or in the email itself, DSO can be reduced by up to 20% for that demographic of customer. Mailpost is fully integrated with payment solutions like DPS and POLi including generation of the payment links.

For a company with annual turnover of $150m and a line of credit costing 12.5%, reducing DSO by 1 day is worth $513,000. That’s worth a lot more than the stamp savings!

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Since its inception in 2004, Quadient Inspire has been using leading-edge technologies to create an edge for businesses. Delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) through personalised omnichannel communications is essential to sustaining a competitive advantage, building customer loyalty and driving revenue. However, many large organisations face a number of challenges including departmental silos, legacy systems and changing market regulations.

Cumulo9 has partnered with Quadient’s award-winning CCM solution, Inspire, helping companies design, manage and deliver personalised, accurate and compliant communications across all channels, from one centralised platform.