30 Nov 2023

Reflecting on 2023: Cumulo9's Year in Review

As 2023 comes to a close, the global landscape has been a mix of challenges and opportunities. In the realm of technology, we've witnessed daily reports of cyber threats and discussions on the impact of AI. Amidst this, Cumulo9 has maintained a strong focus on our core business, adapting to the evolving environment.

The state of the world

Our commitment to innovation is evident in the development of C9 Transact. This solution features a new user interface, allowing our customers to seamlessly navigate multiple trends and export data. Security remains a top priority, with successful pen testing and ISO 27001 recertification ensuring the ongoing integrity of our systems.

Technological Milestones

Amidst the daily barrage of news on cyberattacks and AI threats, Cumulo9 remains committed to innovation. Our C9 Transact solution, featuring a revamped user interface, is a testament to our dedication. Robust security measures, ISO 27001 recertification, and new customer acquisitions further underscore our technological resilience.

Global Initiatives and Achievements

Internationally, our Citizen Vault initiative has gained traction in the APAC region. We're proud to share that Cumulo9 is now a certified BCorp, a testament to our dedication to sustainable business practices. The recently released Email Insights Report emphasises the importance of deliverability and accurate reporting in essential communications.

Community and Philanthropy

While pursuing excellence in technology, Cumulo9 remains deeply rooted in community support. We continued our support of the Gut Cancer Foundation, the IT Start-up community through MORGO and our passion for motorsport through our sponsorship of Liam Lawson, who had a great run in Super Formula in Japan as well as showing the world he deserves a seat in F1 after he stepped in to replace Daniel Ricciardo at Alpha Tauri. Chris was fortunate to be in Singapore when he raced and scored his first F1 points.

Christmas Greetings

As always, we could not do any of this without your continued support. It was great to see many of you at our events in Wellington and Auckland a few months ago. Thanks from all of us at Cumulo9 for your custom.

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