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On Friday 1 February 2019, Commissioner Hayne submitted the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The final report provides pragmatic recommendations that seek to build on or simplify existing laws and practices and strengthen the financial system while supporting economic growth. EY has produced a report summary of “Where to next” and at the root of every recommendation in the EY summary of the Final Report from the Hayne Royal Commission is your organisation’s need to Measure and Monitor all aspects of your business, including your customer communications.


There must be a secure, traceable and auditable record for every customer interaction


All records must be monitored in real-time for the earliest identification of potential deviations from best practice

Government Response

Following the report, the Australian Government released its response to the landmark Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

Restoring trust in Australia’s financial system

The Government is taking action on all 76 recommendations contained within the Royal Commission’s Final Report, and in a number of important areas, the Government is going even further. In his report, Commissioner Hayne has recognised the many significant actions the Government has already taken. In outlining the Government’s response to the Royal Commission, their principal focus is on restoring trust in our financial system and delivering better consumer outcomes. Cumulo9 believes businesses can take a significant step towards delivering better consumer outcomes through focusing on effective and efficient customer communications.

As you implement the recommendations from the Royal Commission, you must ensure your customer communications are:

  • Created, Stored and Transmitted in a secure manner
  • Tracked correctly
  • Measured, Monitored and able to be audited easily

Customer focused Digital Delivery Solutions

Cumulo9 have been developing and deploying Australasian focussed digital delivery solutions for more than 15 years.

Whether on your premises or in our AWS Cloud-based Australian data centre, our easy to manage technology is perfect for the measurement and monitoring of all your digital customer communications.

Providing best practice deliverability with security, traceability and auditability, we cover:

  • Transactional and Essential email needs (whether bulk or one to one)
  • Everyday business email
  • Campaign-based mobile and email communications

Contact us today for a no obligation review of your environment.

Chris Hogg
Chris has 20 years experience in Europe and North America working with payment and billing systems. He has held roles ranging from sales support through to managing international operations for US multinationals. Along the way Chris has worked with most major banks and telephone companies in Europe and America as well as their regulatory bodies. He has worked on National EftPos schemes in Europe, implementing Telephone number portability (LNP) throughout North America and setting up one of the first revenue assurance practices in Europe. Chris returned to New Zealand in 2002 and has focused on working with early stage companies looking to make an impact on the international stage.
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