05 Oct 2018

Using Email to Improve Your Business Efficiency

Running your business in this fast-paced technological age can be easier than you think by using email to improve some key business efficiencies.

We all know that email improves engagement and the speed at which we communicate, but it has actually evolved into a tool that can provide better economies of scale for your business overall.

Here are our top 4 reasons that email increases your business efficiency (when done right):

1. Better Deliverability

Going digital nowadays is a no-brainer. By having your essential customer communications sent digitally, not only will they be immediately delivered to the recipients on your contact list, you also gain insight into exactly what the recipient interactions have been e.g. views and clicks. This provides assurance that your essential messages have been received, and also prevents any compliance issues that sometimes arise.

By sending off high-volume and spam-free transactional emails to your clients, not only will your business emails improve, you are helping improve the interaction with your customers.

2. Lower Delivery Cost vs Postage

Large-scale email engines can save you considerable cost when compared to traditional mail. Companies can save a fortune on postage and paper costs. Check out our Deliverability Calculator for an estimate of your potential savings with improved delivery.

Along with the paper, postage and envelope efficiencies mentioned, you’ll improve your business productivity by avoiding the hassle of printing, arranging envelopes, and organising papers (or more likely, paying someone to do this for you).

Plus, your emails can be designed consistently, ensuring the look and feel of your business emails are in line with your company branding and can be used as a valuable marketing tool. Dynamic banners, email signatures, and more, you name it!

3. Easier Storage and Organisation of High Volume Communications

With high volume transactional email, it is important to keep a good record of the business emails sent to clients. You can effectively archive and retrieve your customer email communications using an online system like E-Vault.

This system offered by Cumulo9 in partnership with Pitney Bowes is more than just online storage. By using E-Vault, security and tracking capability are both achieved when it comes to business emails. This archiving system provides companies with the ability to search and filter through millions of communications in next to no time. In addition – recipients can access any their personalized invoices or communications within the E-vault portal.

4. More Insights into Customer Behaviour

Detailed reporting including insights into email activity, usage, and response rates are all important factors to consider when assessing your business efficiency. Cumulo9’s Mailprimer One to One product is one of the few to provide silent email tracking. This allows for more effective follow up as you know when your emails are opened, what links are clicked and what pages are viewed (without any interruption or notification at the recipient end).

These customer insights can be invaluable to a business looking to improve engagement with business email. In fact, each of the Cumulo9 digital communication products has a detailed reporting dashboard that can be accessed by the end user.

The efficiencies of your business email should be clearly assessed when planning your ongoing business email strategy and overall communications strategy. If you’d like to discuss any of the above ideas or just business email in general, feel free to get in touch with the team at Cumulo9 – email: support@cumulo9.com or phone:

NZ Support Line +64 9 377 8885

AU Support Line +61 3 9013 4568

USA Support Line +1 201 204 9460

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