22 Jun 2017

Targeted email and a consistent brand helps to deliver for the Cancer Society Wellington

A consistent brand image and the ability to easily target and leverage the various support, fundraising and awareness activity has now been achieved for the Cancer Society in Wellington.

Our latest case study discusses some of the typical challenges “Not for profits” face with effective and brand consistent communications and how a professional approach to email communications can help provide compelling results.

Most importantly they needed a solution that would help them communicate with the stakeholders including the amazing volunteers who help them keep the Cancer Society operating along with the many people throughout the region that they offer vital support to.

“Cumulo9 have provided great support, they helped me with banner designs to create stakeholder buy in for our activities. The product has helped me to develop our own design for our email signatures and banners -saving time and improving the output”.
Larissa McMillan, Communications Coordinator, Cancer Society of New Zealand, Wellington Division Inc.

“We are proud to support the Wellington Cancer Society and are glad that our digital suite can help raise awareness and support for this very important cause affecting so many New Zealanders”.
Chris Hogg, CEO, Cumulo9

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