01 Sep 2015

Sustainable email Post Reduces a Paper Mountain

Around the world Postal authorities are having to defend the reduction in physical mail and how that impacts on an often unionised group of employees.

What hasn’t had as much press is the changing nature of how consumers like to receive their mail and how that is positively impacting the environment.

To put that into perspective, Cumulo9 generates millions of emails for invoices, statements and other financial advices in New Zealand. If you stacked the paper and envelopes that would be needed to physically send just one million of these per month, then over a year you would create a stack almost 3,700 metres tall – that’s a few metres lower than Mt. Cook! 2,900 trees would be required to produce all of the paper.

Postal networks around the world are constantly having to re-evaluate their operating strategies while remaining conscious of the social impacts that mail has on the population. Email is one way that they can continue to provide guaranteed delivery, while having a positive impact on the environment. Cumulo9 has been providing a transactional email service to NZ Post for almost a decade and we continue to build new functionality into our electronic communications so that we can provide value for their customers and the public in general. Cumulo9’s innovations such as payment buttons and offering delivery choices for their customers allows Cumulo9 customers – including NZ Post, to continue delivering communications in cost effective and innovative ways.”

To learn more about how transactional email services can help reduce a paper mountain drop us a line at Cumulo9

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