12 Dec 2017

Start 2018 with a successful and effective email signature

We thought we’d sign off 2017 with one final blog post that will help set you up for an effective 2018 with the essential elements of a successful email signature.

Having a comprehensive email signature does more than just sign off an email. It can showcase your credentials, full suite of social media and contact details and even provide a disclosure statement or other pertinent information.

Signatures can vary from simple contact details and images to incorporating complex content such as web links or contact directories. Adding these elements to your email signature can:

  • Improve corporate identity in every email you send
  • Give you the option of adding social messages or links with feeds from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles
  • Offer your recipient the option of subscribing to a newsletter feed
  • Develop a personal connection with your recipient through the use of a photo of yourself

Successful email signatures contain:

  • Name and necessary credentials
  • Job position
  • Company and website
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Business or postal address
  • Confidentiality notice (to minimise risk)
  • Social media icons to link to your professional channels
  • Profile photo (optional)

Here’s an example of what we consider to be an example of a good email signature:

Elements of an email sig image

Adding a profile photo to your email signature is recommended as a way to build rapport with your recipients as developing a personal connection can foster great business relationships. If you do opt to include a profile photo in your email signature, we recommend that you resize/crop it to 120 pixels wide – best practice for profile photos is no smaller than 90 pixels wide and no larger than 150 pixels

When creating your email signature, it is crucial to choose a font that will translate well to all devices.

The most common web safe fonts are listed here (although we’d advise against using Comic Sans MS unless you really must!)

Arial  Arial Black     Book Antiqua
Comic Sans MS Courier New Georgia
Helvetica Impact Symbol
Tahoma Terminal  Trebuchet MS
Times New Roman Verdana Webdings

We’ve enjoyed bringing you our blogs throughout 2017 and if you have any topics you would like us to cover in 2018 or would like us to help you develop the best possible email signature get in touch with us anytime.

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