26 Jul 2018

Managing Consent with GDPR

It’s now just over a month since the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect (25 May 2018). At Cumulo9 we are big fans of the GDPR and believe it will pave the way for a new international standard of data management and email marketing for everyone – not just EU citizens.

Even though GDPR does not apply directly to a lot of our clients or the databases we manage, we believe it is the way forward and an example of world best practice. Therefore, we have decided to adopt the GDPR requirements for all our business activities. There a few things you need to do to ensure you remain compliant and one of the key ones is to ensure you maintain a database of contacts who want to hear from you.

Having a clean list of contacts who are opted in to hear from you is not only best practice GDPR compliance. It also maximises your open rates and engagement with your recipients, boosts sales and builds a healthy sending reputation.

Running a re-consent campaign

Having your database re-consent to receiving an email from you is a great way to maintain a healthy and engaged audience.

What this involves is creating an email to send to all your contacts and asking if they still want to hear from you.

To make things easy for you, Cumulo9 can help you develop a brand compliant template that is ready for you to use to run your own re-consent campaign. Have a look at the template example below.


GDPR Consent example 1

In this email example, there needs to be a hyperlink or a button that directs the recipient to a web form. After your re-consent campaign has been sent, the recipients can click the button in the message and choose their preference of content to receive.

Consent History

Under the GDPR, consent must be “freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous and best practice is to keep a record of the consent given with the ability to view all the information regarding an individual contact’s consent history. See the example below:

Using Cumulo9’s campaign tools we can help ensure you are not only delivering emails that are compliant with consent requirements but also help you to maintain a comprehensive consent history should you ever require it.

For further information on how to ensure you stay GDPR compliant, or to just ensure your email campaigns are managed with best practice get in touch with the team at Cumulo9.

More information on the GDPR

Here are a couple of helpful links to learn more about the GDPR and if you have any questions about our new GDPR-friendly tools, please let us know.

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner – EU GDPR

European Commission Data Protection Laws

News is the first draft of history

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