Press Release

04 Mar 2017

Introducing our new Online Resources Library

We are excited to announce the launch of our new online resource library that can be found by clicking on the Resources tab at the top of our web page. This resource library will provide you with quick, easy-to-find documents, tools and downloads to help you get the most out of your business email.

These tools and resources will be available for free download, with some of our premium content being available after completing a simple ‘premium content access’ form.

It is our hope that round-the-clock access to these learning tools will empower you to navigate your business emails confidently and help to transform your digital communications.

Invaluable business tips such as how to understand and improve your email deliverability and how to grow your email database – the right way are available for you to access straight away. If you are looking for information on any of our products (Mailpost, Mailprimer One-to-One, Mailprimer One-to-Many etc.), you will find that in the resources tab too.

New resources will be available and updated often, so be sure to check back on a regular basis. If there is a resource that you’d like to have on hand, feel free to send us some suggestions here.

We’ll also announce any new content via our social channels when available.




Jump in and have a look around our resources section, we hope you enjoy the material available and if you have any questions just drop us a line here.

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