28 Mar 2017

In the name of Continuous Improvement – Mailprimer One-to-One product release

As Mark Twain once said, “Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection”.

We are continually looking at ways to enhance our Mailprimer One-to-One product. Our latest release, which went live on Tuesday 28 March includes some great new features and functionality. And a bug fix….. some clients had experienced issues when adding attachments to meeting invites, this has now been resolved.

New Features and Functionality

  • Template level – your email analysis now includes an indication of the template level applied to each message (Full HTML, Light HTML, Light HTML No Images or Plain Text)
    What this means for you – this makes your analytics more accurate and insightful.
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) – inbound and outbound connections can now be secured using TLS. 
    What this means for you – The server connection is secured at both ends and allows for encryption of the line between the servers.  Note – if the receiving server is not TLS enabled the email will revert to standard delivery.
  • Outbound relay – you can specify a relay host as the next point of delivery for outbound email which meets specific criteria (the smart host is controlled by rules and can be based on sender, group, account or recipient).
    What this means for you – you can keep a record of all your outbound email in its templated state and you can archive these exactly as they were to sent to your clients.  This is particularly useful with legal emails.
  • OneDrive attachments supported – formatting of OneDrive attachment links is maintained so that users can provide a link to OneDrive hosted content.
    What this means for you – we can now send OneDrive document links in their native format, making it easier for the recipient to access your shared files.
  • Maintenance of message ID for tracing: the original message ID’s are now passed through in the headers for traceability (so that originating messages can be found in Office 365 or Gmail for instance)
    What this means for you: this gives you the ability to track the original message ID in your mail server environment.  This is useful when you add disclaimers for example – you will now be able to find the message in it’s original format more easily.

And to end this blog how we started – another famous quote, this time from Benjamin Franklin – “When you’re finished changing – You’re Finished”.

We hope you enjoy the latest enhancements we have made to Mailprimer One-to-One, if you’d like to chat with anyone in the team about how you can use it to transform your digital communications drop us a line here.

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