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27 Feb 2015

How things have changed! Email opens on smartphones up 500% in 4 years

Back in 2011, mobile email made up just 8% of email opens. Now almost half of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets – that’s a 500% increase in four years.

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Litmus tracked email opens and have released this interesting piece on what’s gone on and why the change.

Read about what they discovered – some factors that influenced the change were:

  • Desktop email has slowly been replaced by mobile and web apps – and people everywhere have been opening more email on mobile.
  • The changes in Gmail had a huge impact.

Other things that had an impact on the numbers:

  • There was a 40% decrease in Android opens—also due in part to changes in Gmail tracking. Opens that were once attributed to Android are now tracked under Gmail.
  • Apple released the Yosemite operating system in October with Apple Mail opens picking up the pace after the launch.

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