10 Sep 2017

How good is your “email reputation”?

In business your reputation is everything, and the same goes with your “email reputation”.  A poor email reputation can impact the deliverability of your business emails, slowing down campaigns and sending your emails straight to spam folders.  All this means your customers may never see the emails you send them.

It makes sense that a good email reputation helps to get your emails into your customer’s inboxes.  There are many things you can do to help maintain a good email reputation which will not only improve the deliverability, they can also help make your emails more engaging resulting in increased open and click through rates.

Your email reputation can be measured by using a “Senders Score” and the recent “Return Path Senders Score Report provides some great insight into the importance of a good “email reputation” by your ISP to ensure your emails don’t get “junked”.  Return Path’s Sender Score is a number between 0 and 100 that rates your sender reputation and shows how your mailbox providers view your IP address and consequently – the likelihood of your email delivery.   We have used this data to develop an infographic to highlight the key points we have taken from the Return Path report.

Visit the Cumulo9 One-to-Many Resources Page to download a copy of the Email Deliverability Reputation Infographic.

And if you are interested in learning more about best practice email deliverability, drop the team at Cumulo9 a line here or give us a call – New Zealand: +64 9 377 8885 and Australia: +61 3 9013 4568.

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