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05 Oct 2022

Cumulo9’s C9 Transact New Release

C9 Transact Update

Are you a user of our C9 Transact solution? We are happy to share that the Cumulo9 team has been working hard to release an update of the C9 Transact solution. With last month's release, we introduced several great new features that will enhance your transactional document delivery.

Let’s take a look at the new enhancements and features of C9 Transact with the release of version 5.8.0 and how they can enhance your business transactional document delivery with the highest level of privacy protection.

C9 Transact Updated Product Features Include:

  • All tracked links (including view online) will be encrypted - C9 Transact will provide encryption of all tracked links to ensure the highest level of privacy protection for your documents.
  • Encryption protocol update - C9 Transact will now utilise AES Encryption.
  • Business number lookup functionality (PEPPOL/ eInvoicing) - C9 Transact will perform a lookup and insert of the recipient Business Number (NZBN/ABN) for PEPPOL documents when one is not provided and the necessary tag has been inserted into the input XML as a placeholder.
  • Enhanced template views - C9 Transact will now provide the option to display an enhanced template preview which includes the default values for any content blocks used within the template.
  • Dashboard update - Users will now be able to view report options on the mailout page within the dashboard.

New to eInvoicing?

Thousands of New Zealand businesses have already registered to receive eInvoices, with the list growing every day.  If eInvoicing is something you are not too familiar with yet, then feel free to get in touch to find out all about how it makes doing business smoother, faster and safer. C9 Transact provides a highly innovative and easy way to send and receive invoices over a secure, dedicated eInovicing network.

Contact the Cumulo9 team today if you want to elevate your transactional document delivery using C9 Transact.
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