Press Release

20 Dec 2015

Cumulo9 sponsored Ferrari hosts the TVNZ Breakfast crew at Hampton Downs

We thought we’d share one last bit of motor racing coverage to help ease you into Christmas. Just in case you missed the footage on TVNZ Breakfast last week – here is a link to the coverage when TVNZ’s Peter Williams, Rawdon Christie, Sam Wallace and Nadine Chalmers-Ross took on the breakfast race challenge.

The morning kicked off with a couple of hot laps each in the Cumulo9 sponsored Ferrari GT3 car with a top speed of around 280km/hr. They then had the chance to drive themselves – not the Ferrari though!  Instead they raced against each other in a time trial in a Nissan Sentra – check out the link below to see who won (and who blew out the clutch!!).

Full coverage.

Merry Christmas all, safe travels and here’s to a successful 2016.

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