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16 Apr 2018

Cumulo9 partners with Pitney Bowes to bring an innovative approach to online document archiving and retrieval

Most businesses today are adopting cloud-based solutions for storing their documents and maintaining transactional records digitally. The challenge businesses face is finding the sophisticated technology and integration that offers cost-effective archiving and retrieval. In New Zealand, there is a lack of integrated online multi-channel delivery solutions in the marketplace. Existing processes can be cumbersome and as a result business efficiency is being compromised.

To stay competitive, companies must look for ways to integrate their systems, thereby increasing revenue and reducing costs. This can be achieved by gaining immediate and efficient access to customer communications through business systems and portals.

Recognising this opportunity for businesses to compete in a fast-paced environment, Cumulo9 is delighted to have recently partnered with global technology company Pitney Bowes. Together they offer a unique and innovative product called E-Vault that is designed to help enterprise businesses across New Zealand access the right document, at the right time and in the right format.

E-Vault allows businesses to retrieve, view, download and share customer communications. Being a digital self-service solution, it helps meet compliance obligations while reducing costs. The end customer can access their personalised documents, statements, and invoices from billions of documents, in real-time with a simple click.

Enabling businesses to respond with speed and efficiency, E-Vault also helps reduce waste, eliminating the need for paper copies and reprints. E-Vault’s interactive document archive and retrieval systems provide the flexible deployment and exceptional performance businesses need.

The benefits to business include:

  • Efficient document storage and retrieval
  • Superior user experience through real-time personalisation and access
  • A secure and scalable system that can support billions of communications online

“We are delighted to have partnered with Pitney Bowes as it is a unique opportunity for Cumulo9 to ensure New Zealand businesses have access to the latest in online document archiving and retrieval technology, helping to improve efficiency and security for businesses across New Zealand”
Chris Hogg, Chief Executive Officer, Cumulo9.

About Cumulo9

Cumulo9’s partnership with Pitney Bowes to deliver E-Vault is another important growth step for Cumulo9. It compliments their current digital suite and provides everything businesses need to effectively manage their communications. This includes their unique, locally developed IP that delivers hundreds of millions of transactional business emails with a world best 99.5%* measured deliverability rate.

If you would like to streamline your archiving and retrieval process, save money, and improve the customer experience – contact Chris Hogg, CEO Cumulo9 on chris.hogg@cumulo9.com or phone: +64 21 345 690

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