14 Jan 2022

Cumulo9 – Now proudly ISO 27001 Certified

Last month was an exciting time for the Cumulo9 team as we rounded out the year with a huge achievement. We are extremely proud to announce that the British Standards Institute (BSI) has formally certified us as ISO 2700 compliant. You may be interested in getting ISO 27001 certification for your organisation. Read on to discover why we went through this process and what it means for our clients.

ISO 27001 is an international information management standard

ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides requirements for managing information security. ISO 27001 certification is a written assurance from an independent third-party body that an organisation's Information Security Management System (ISMS) meets the standard requirements. This means that our services and products meet specific and stringent requirements laid out by the ISO group.

Why we went for ISO 27001 Certification

Aiming to get a certification under ISO requirements is a lengthy and at times, complex, process. We decided to undertake the certification process in order to demonstrate and further develop and refine our already robust information security practices. We have always taken security seriously and our auditors were pleased to see no issues requiring any remedial action.

A huge thank you to our staff for all of their efforts to make ISO certification possible and in particular our new CISO, Lucas Kim, who led the team.

As a Cumulo9 client, you are now able to gain assurance that the security of your information under our custodianship is actively managed following the requirements of ISO 27001. We believe that building a business that meets the needs of ISO 27001 can help improve your organisation's business processes. Managing people's email data with care is crucial for NZ privacy laws in our field of work.

How can your business become ISO certified?

 Any business that wants to get ISO certified must get in touch with their local certification body. There are a few providers in New Zealand, who you can find here..

Typically, certification bodies will determine the steps a business must take to meet the requirements of a certification audit. Then, they will perform the audit and help that company recertify their ISO certificate every three years to ensure they remain up to standards and are keeping up with the latest developments.

If your organisation is seeking ISO 27001 certification, click here for more information. Contact us today to learn more about our journey to ISO 27001 certification and how Cumulo9 can help transform your digital communications.


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