19 Mar 2015

Attachments or Links – what is best?

A debate among many transactional email senders is whether sending invoices as attachments or as a link to an archive is best. The reality is that both work and senders who offer their customers a choice, experience a far bigger uptake for electronic invoicing. A classic example of this is Genesis Energy who were sending all electronic invoice advices as a link. Their monthly volume had reached six figures when they introduced the option to have a link or an attachment. In six months following their volume grew 35%. In the next six months the volume grew another 20%, due in no small part to the choice they offered their customers.

So to link or attach? What works well for one person is likely to be different for another and like a lot of “best practice” with digital – giving the customer the chance to personalise how they receive their communications is the best option – let them decide, let them feel they are part of the process and have some control over how they interface with you.

The Genesis example clearly illustrates how this works to a billers advantage.

And the great news – Cumulo9’s Mailprimer Mailpost can manage this for you.

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