27 Sep 2021

Are your CX Initiatives Operating in a Silo?

It makes sense that an organisation's customer experience (CX) initiatives and everyday business activity need to be aligned for improved effectiveness.  Unfortunately in many cases they are anything but aligned and often totally disconnected.  In a recent article published in NZ Management magazine, Cumulo9 General Manager David Allen discusses how it is often the underlying business structure that can get in the way of CX strategies being effectively delivered.  Go straight to a copy of the full article here.

Bills and other essential emails play a vital role

Transactional emails like bills are often the most valuable emails your business will send. These are sent by your brand to specific customers in response to some kind of action they have taken, which is why transactional email is also often called essential email. These emails can contain personalised, unique and useful information or services that your customers need. And importantly, these are often the most regular touchpoint your organisation may have with your customers.  Unfortunately, too often, the Operations areas of a business can become disconnected from the CX strategy planning. 

A personalised communication and transpromo experience

Many businesses will have “improved customer experience” on their to-do lists and with good reason.  One sure way to improve your customer experience is to personalise the communications you share with your customers.  This will not only help attract the readers' attention, it will also help with their engagement and the overall experience.

Transpromo is a term used to describe the action of creating marketing opportunities from transactional communications.  While historically seen as an operational spend, investing in customer communication platforms that allow for personalisation and transpromo is important.  Helping to leverage the opportunity to drive sales and a positive customer experience through the organisations' everyday essential email. 

Does your customer experience pass the silo test? 

As businesses mature it can become obvious that every customer touchpoint matters.  What is also important is that businesses recognise the importance of the alignment of parts of the business in the customer experience strategies.  Download the full article from David Allen to find out more, and for detailed insight into your customer experience strategies, essential email communications and more – talk to the team at Cumulo9.

Blog post adapted from the original article written by David Allen and published in the NZ Management Magazine, Monday, 16 August 2021

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