18 Jan 2017

Are interactive emails the big trend for 2017?

First up, most of us know that many 2017 predictions have a pretty good chance of being wrong come 31 December 2017. However, it’s tempting at this time of the year to see what the industry is forecasting for the year ahead.

In the ever-changing world of email, we expect things to continue to evolve throughout 2017. One thing we believe will stay the same is that email will remain a core channel for businesses to connect with their customers, grow relationships and revenue.

We had a look around to see what others think and there is plenty out there, including some businesses we work with. Litmus identified half a dozen trends and asked over 1200 email marketers to choose the one they thought most exciting. Vision6’s email marketing summit also identified that advances in technology are making it easier to engage with our customers via email. This leads into the big trend that stands out for us – a move to providing more “interactive emails”.

Interactive email = “An action taken in an email that triggers an event within the same email”

As the number of distractions grow, the competition for your customer’s attention gets more and more challenging. Email continues to be a core channel for customer communication in terms of efficiency, cost and engagement. For businesses, this makes it a great channel to engage with your customers and this is where interactive emails are exciting.

One example of an integrated email option we have at Cumulo9 are the payment buttons we can include within our Mailpost product. These are a great option to improve a business’s cash flow with an integrated payment button incorporated within the email.

Whether interactive email is the next big trend or not, we think it will be a great tool for businesses to incorporate into their email strategy for 2017. For those interested, here are some of the other 2017 email trends to keep an eye out for this year:

  • Big Data personalization in emails
  • Automated emails
  • Omnichannel email experiences
  • Email encryption

For a chat about interactive emails (or email in general), feel free to give our team a call on +64 9 377 8885 or support@cumulo9.com.

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