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16 Feb 2023

200 Million emails sent - Milestone reached

200 Million emails later

Cumulo9’s C9 Transact email service has just reached a 200 million emails sent milestone! What’s significant about that number is that all of the emails were sent from and to New Zealand email addresses.

If you want to try and think about what that represents in terms of paper-to-electronic substitution, then imagine a two-sided printed A4 document. Then think about 200 million of them being laid out end-on-end. The result is that they could circle Earth close to three times.

We all know that postal mail has been on the decline for a number of years, and New Zealand Post’s own numbers support this. In the year 2000, there were a billion letter-sized mail items carried, and by 2021/22, that number had dropped to just 240 million items.

Consumer-generated mail is now just 1% of all mail carried, with essential communications like bills and statements, renewals and other notices making up the bulk of current volumes along with charity mail which remains strong. There are also election-related mailings, and this year we have the Census that will also prop up postal volumes.

Where has the bulk mail gone?

The banks promote “self-service” on their internet banking sites, and some other traditional volume generators have gone the same way; for example, Inland Revenue heavily promotes myIR. However, some communications have simply been turned off.

Cumulo9 developed C9 Transact back in 2010 to specifically deal with essential email, as, unlike the major offshore managed email platforms, we knew that being local was a key factor in being able to guarantee the highest deliverability. Today we guarantee a delivery rate of 99.5%, and our latest audit showed that we had a rolling 90-day average deliverability of 99.916%.

C9 Transact email volumes continue to grow month on month as organisations gain a better understanding of the true costs incurred with undelivered emails. They also like the idea of being able to talk to a real person when things go wrong. There is also the fact that C9 Transact is a platform that now supports eInvoicing (PEPPOL) and will shortly be WhatsApp enabled. In time other applications will be integrated, and having one dashboard view is a major advantage.

As a sustainable organisation currently going through BCorp certification, 200 million documents not being printed means that 600,000 trees that didn’t need to be cut down, which in turn saves 600,000 tonnes of CO2. Alternatively, it is the convenience and reliability of our email platform, along with the substantial supply-chain savings, that is argument enough.  

Drop us a line if you’d like to chat about your organisation's essential email delivery and how we can help ensure you are maximising your deliverability.

Essential Email delivered

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