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As the year comes to a close it’s important to be organised and get yourself sorted before going away for the holidays. No matter how crazy your work life feels at the moment, the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to clear out the clutter from your office and get everything in order before everyone returns to work next year. One thing to consider is how you will be taking care of your business email governance, risk and compliance. With new Privacy changes already in effect, governance and compliance should be at the top of your list. This is where our C9 Track and Trace 90 day free trial can help!

Where to begin with information governance, risk and compliance?

Streamlining email management should be the highest of your information governance priorities. If you take good care of your email, you will take good care of the majority of your business records. This is where C9 Track and Trace can help! With C9 Track and Trace, you can track all email interactions from sender to recipient with the highest levels of security, traceability and reporting.

Developments over recent years have brought the rapid and progressive growth of email traffic, putting pressure on companies to handle their email communication with much more care than ever before. Along with this, recent changes made to the NZ Privacy Act are addressing company data responsibilities. C9 Track and Trace can provide the necessary insight for legal and insurance purposes.

C9 Track and Trace

For proper email management, don’t simply store your emails on a server and wait for disaster to strike. To have complete control over your company email, you need to make sure it’s delivered in a manner consistent with established regulatory standards and business practices. C9 Track and Trace employs the highest levels of security including DKIM. C9 Track and Trace can also ensure that if malware activity is detected, sender(s) can be isolated to prevent mail delivery for as long as necessary. With C9 Track and Trace you will also have full visibility of your business email engagement and the ability to monitor interaction with your emails! 

Free 90-day trial

If you’re unsure whether or not C9 Track and Trace will work for you, why not trial it for free for 90 days! Start taking care of your business governance, risk and compliance obligations today. Click here to enquire about the C9 Track and Trace free 90-day trial.

We have enjoyed keeping you up to date and informed throughout the year with our blogs and we look forward to continuing next year. The Cumulo9 team will be working up to 5 pm on the 24th December 2020 and we will be reopening on Tuesday 05 January 2021.

For any questions or to discuss your 90 free trial of Track and Trace contact us today!

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