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C9 Campaign

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Our suite of on-premise and cloud offerings comprises a full range of products including our very own C9 Transact, C9 Signature and C9 Campaign, as well as Quadient’s Inspire and Syncsort’s Vault.

We are proud of the partners we work with. They are all recognised as global leaders in their fields and their solutions tick all the functionality boxes while providing the highest levels of security and auditability through every step of your processes – whatever they may be.

Cumulo9 can ensure you have everything you need to guarantee your communications are relevant, clear and, most importantly, secure. Moreover, our systems incorporate functionality that makes it easy for your customers to take action, whether it is to make a payment, view a bill, complete an application or register for an event.

Our email solutions offer the highest and most secure deliverability of essential documents, the best “track and trace” audit trail and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant tools. While GDPR may not yet apply directly to your business, we believe it is the way forward and an example of "world best" email communication practice.  At Cumulo9 we have adopted the GDPR requirements for all our products and services, ensuring your business email activity is compliant.”

For peace of mind, knowing your omni-channel communications are going to be created, managed, archived and delivered - speak to us today.

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C9 Transact

Every ‘essential’ transactional email which fails delivery increases your cost. When that amounts to 5%, 10% or 20% of your datab...
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C9 Signature

Implement consistent signatures and banners for your employee email - whether your network uses Office 365, Gsuite, Exchange or an...
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C9 Campaign

C9 Campaign provides a full suite of campaign email functionality ranging from email templates that look good on any device, throu...
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Quadient, Inspire

Quadient Inspire allows you to deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) through personalised omnichannel communications so ...
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C9 Vault

Cumulo9 has partnered with Syncsort to bring you C9 -Vault.
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C9 MTA is a robust Mail Transfer Agent Tool that is scalable, secure and works across multiple platforms.
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C9 Healthcare

More than just a centralised healthcare processing solution. Cumulo9 has developed C9 Healthcare – an innovative new product provi...
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Cumulo9 works with primary partners and key suppliers – focusing on building strong relationships to help deliver customer value and expertise.
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