C9 Track and Trace

Take care of your Governance, Risk and Compliance with C9 Track and Trace

Real time tracking of all email interactions from sender to recipient with the highest levels of security, traceability and reporting.

Reduce your risk and certify compliance with C9 Track and Trace

Governance, Risk and Compliance affect every part of your business. A key area of focus is your interaction with external parties. The vast majority of this interaction is via email. The NZ Privacy Act is currently being updated and will also be addressing data responsibilities. C9 Track and Trace provides the necessary insight for legal and insurance purposes. Your email needs to be tracked and all interactions need to be logged.

Free 90 Day Trial of C9 Track and Trace

Start taking care of your business governance, risk and compliance obligations today with the C9 Track and Trace free 90 day trial.

Compliance and Security

C9 Track and Trace employs the highest levels of security including DKIM ensuring that if If malware activity is detected C9 Track and Trace will isolate the sender or sending server/domain and prevent mail delivery for as long as necessary.

No need to alter the way your users send emails

C9 Track and Trace is a secure, third-party server with the highest levels of security, traceability and reporting.  With no need to change how you currently send emails you can continue to use your current Office 365, GSuite or Exchange environments and the emails are simply routed through our secure system before they reach the end recipient.


With silent read receipts and C9 Track and Trace’s dashboard, you will have full visibility of your business email engagement and the ability to monitor the level of interaction.

Contact us today to discuss C9 Trace and Trace so we can help you meet these new data obligations or download the product guide.

Ask about our free 90 Day C9 Track and Trace trial.



The e-Boks platform helps automate and streamline your digital communication with the highest level of security and compliance.

Cumulo9’s partnership with the global secure digital platform provider e-Boks is a collaboration set to redefine the standards of digital interaction between businesses and their customers. A partnership that leverages the strengths of both organisations to offer a more secure, efficient, and integrated digital communication experience.