C9 Healthcare

Secure Patient Data Solution

More than just a centralised healthcare processing solution. Cumulo9 has developed C9 Healthcare – an innovative new product providing organisations with centralised control over all documentation relating to healthcare, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Digitalised Health Records

C9 Healthcare provides for digitisation of your existing documentation, centralised storage and document availability and communication via email and SMS along with recording interactions – while consistently enforcing HIPPA compliance.

C9 Healthcare product video

What we do

Unmatched Deliverability
World Class 99.5% measured deliverability rate.
Document Digitisation
Digitise existing and all future documents and create requisite metadata from them.
Fully Secure Storage
Multiple options supporting the transmission of encrypted documents.
Custom Communication
Communicate document availability via email and SMS, and record interactions.
Easily retrieve, view, download and share customer communications, respond with speed and accuracy.
Interactive Reports
Comprehensive delivery, click and view data.

The e-Boks platform helps automate and streamline your digital communication with the highest level of security and compliance.

Cumulo9’s partnership with the global secure digital platform provider e-Boks is a collaboration set to redefine the standards of digital interaction between businesses and their customers. A partnership that leverages the strengths of both organisations to offer a more secure, efficient, and integrated digital communication experience.