PIC Insurance successfully delivers a consistent brand experience to their customers through automating communication that compliments the industry compliance regulation


PIC Insurance is a 100% NZ Owned Insurance Brokerage offering advice on every type of insurance.

The Challenges

PIC provides a diverse range of insurance services and communicates with multiple audiences. Building trusted relationships with clients and insurance providers is essential for business success, as is ensuring that customer communication adheres to regulations.

PIC needed a sophisticated email communication tool to achieve three key objectives:

  • To deliver a consistent, polished brand experience - differentiating the business from smaller organisations in an industry where trust is paramount;
  • Drive awareness of the range of services offered by the business;
  • Automate communication required to complement industry compliance regulations.

Brand consistency plays a key role in establishing trust - essential in insurance. However, as PIC experienced, without a central system it can be very difficult to achieve when you have more than 60 staff working across multiple service channels in five different locations. Prior to the Cumulo9 implementation, there was little consistency across email signatures and the PIC brand in customer and sales communications. What’s more, PIC saw an opportunity to enhance their processes in regards to how disclosure statements are communicated to customers.

Delivering client success

Solution and results

The Solution

C9 Signature Email

As a result, PIC implemented the C9 Signature solution. This provided a branded employee email template solution with links to the range of services offered by the business with personalised signatures and disclosure statements for brokers.

With the new solution in place, the business eliminated inconsistent communication of the brand and had a system in place to ensure compliance requirements were followed effectively and automatically.

C9 Campaign Email

PIC also implemented the C9 Campaign solution for customer and internal communication programmes. “C9 Campaign is amazing. It is really easy to use; even after a short play with the system I could see how everything worked”. Nicole Terill, PIC Insurance.

With staff in multiple locations, internal communication programmes play a key role in ensuring everyone is aware of business news, as well as keeping the team connected.

“Our newsletters look great; the design capabilities of the system are really good. The C9 Campaign tool will be key in keeping our team and customers up to date and engaged with what the business is doing and planning”.

The Results

PIC implemented these solutions with three key objectives and has achieved all three, as well as realising additional benefits:

Sophisticated Brand Communication

The consistent, attractive brand communication achieved with Cumulo9 has ensured that the business is set apart from small one-man-bands in the industry - a vital ingredient in building and growing trust.

Industry Compliance

All sales staff have personalised disclosure statements, in line with Financial Markets Authority (FMA) regulatory requirements which are automaticallly included in all email communication. This has given the business confidence that correct processes are being followed to protect both customers and PIC.

Increased Awareness of Range of Services

Regular communication of the range of services offered by PIC has resulted in increased customer driven enquiry. “While a client may initially choose PIC for domestic insurance, they may also have needs across the other services we offer - marine, fire and general, employee benefits, life etc. The Cumulo9 solutions have given us the ability to gently make our customers aware of where else we could be of help”. Brent Postlewaight, PIC Inurance Brokers.

Sales Enhancements

The ‘silent read receipt’ function of Cumulo9 has given the sales team a much richer understanding of where customers are at in the sales process. They can now prioritise customer follow-up based on when proposals are opened, disclosure statements viewed; or alter their approach should a customer take some time to follow through on a proposal etc.

Mass Email Communications

‘C9 Campaign’ email makes it easy for staff to quickly create and send attractive and compelling mass communications. With excellent delivery and quality reporting, it assists with better targeting and communicates more effectively with recipients.

Working with Cumulo9 is really easy. They understand what we are trying to achieve and deliver on what they say they will. The team is always really helpful and responsive.

Nicole Terrill

PIC Insurance


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